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Haiyuan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Haiyuan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

  Shenzhen Haiyuan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Huijian Group.Relying on the Institute of Energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the company is specialized in the development and application of environmentally friendly technologies and provides energy-saving overall solutions and adopting internationally popular contract energy. Management (EMC) business model for diagnosis, financing, transformation (construction, equipment installation, commissioning) and operation management services for energy-saving projects. Actively promote the circular economy and strive to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly "green gold" society.

  Main items:

  • Energy-saving renovation of hot water system
  • Central air conditioning system energy saving transformation
  • Energy-saving renovation of lighting and elevator systems
  • Power, boiler system energy-saving transformation
  • Street lamp, electromechanical system energy-saving transformation