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Shenzhen Penghui Environmental Testing Technology Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Penghui Environmental Testing Technology Co., Ltd

        Shenzhen Penghui Environmental Testing Technology Co., Ltd, as the financial platform for Huijian Group's external investment, takes financing leasing in supply chain finance as its main business, and concurrently engages in related business such as commercial factoring, asset management, and equity investment; the company's executives come from large banks and well-known The senior level of the guarantee company, the team members are all well-trained in financial background; the shareholders include state-owned assets and a number of listed companies, with strong capital strength and excellent asset quality.


        Qianhai Jinqiao is based on the five major sectors of intelligent manufacturing, medical and health, energy conservation and environmental protection, cross-border e-commerce and smart education, and strives to build three major platforms: financing leasing platform, Internet financial platform and industrial fund platform. Supply chain financial services.