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Yangchun March, Mount Wutongshan

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  In the spring of March, the spring blossoms, the company's group of people ready to go, to the first peak in Shenzhen - Wutong Mountain.
Wutong Mountain is located in the eastern part of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It spans two areas of Luohu and Yantian, including Donghu Park, Xianhu Botanical Garden and Shatoujiao Forest Farm. It covers an area of ​​31.8 square kilometers and is a suburban nature with mountains and natural vegetation as the main theme. Scenic area. It is the only provincial-level scenic spot in the SAR.
  Wutong Mountain is the main distribution area of ​​natural evergreen broad-leaved forest. The forest area is 1933.3 hectares, which are regularly divided into south subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, south subtropical mountain evergreen broad-leaved forest and hilltop short forest.
  Wutong Mountain is the birthplace of "Shenzhen River". Wutong Mountain is high in forest and the main peak is merged into Tianchi. The pool is unfathomable. The essence of the plant is medicinal. The Tianchi River forms a spectacular waterfall group under the valley. When the spring rains, it blew a hundred meters. The sound is like a flood clock, which stirs up thousands of waves and radiates thousands of fog flowers. It is very beautiful. Tianchi water has a small hole in the bottom of Longtan, which contains precious golden-tailed baby fish and mountain turtles. The Longtan water flow to the Longzhu Mountain to bring together the eight valleys of the water to form the Shenzhen River. Mr. Feng Shui called this place the feng shui treasure of the "Kowloon Play Pearl". There is a test stone and a sword stone on Wutong Mountain. This test stone of Suzhou Tiger Hill is more than 20 times larger. Waterfalls, strange stones, ancient trees, bamboo, wonders, and superb scenery are breathtaking. Wutong Mountain is the birthplace of the “Shenzhen River”. The mountain is high and dense, and the main peak is spring.
  Wutong Mountain has four seasons of green and vibrant, and there are many roads leading to Xiaotongtong Mountain. Some places are still steep. On the whole, it is long and curved. We used it to reach the top of the mountain in 3 hours. The breeze blows immediately. Integrate with nature. This mountaineering event has increased everyone's sense of collective honor and enriched the staff's spare time, so that everyone can get close to nature, enhance their physical fitness and expand their horizons.


    Picture 1: A view of Wutong



   Picture 2: Wutong Trail



     Picture 3: A view of Wutong Tea Sea



    Picture 4: Mountain View



     Picture 5: Successful summit