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Huijian Medical 2013 Autumn Marketing Conference

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In the autumn of October, the fruit is very fruitful. Shenzhen Huijian Group's 2013 Autumn Marketing Elite Training and Marketing Work Conference was held in Shenzhen's beautiful eastern seaside sea sand. The meeting was hosted by the company's president, Zhang Zong, the marketing staff, design department, engineering department, purchasing department, human resources and The department manager of the administrative center attended the meeting.
 Mr. Chen, a senior lecturer from Shenzhen Jucheng Company, conducted a one-day training on the development of goals and objectives management. From the rational formulation of the target to the implementation and decomposition of the target, the narrative and argumentation are carried out in a simple way. Learning and talking about the target management has clear theoretical support for the next marketing work of Huijian Medical.
The Design Department, Engineering Department, Quality Assurance and Purchasing Department gave special training on purification expertise, new gas specifications, material use and procurement, and after-sales protection. The company's chief engineer Zhu Zong gave a wonderful speech on the purification process and the latest trends. The regional directors and marketing regional personnel summarized and reported on the marketing work in 2013.
Mr. Zhang, President of the Group, introduced the internal management, stage target technology innovation, brand building and project construction practices of Huijian Group, strategically deployed the marketing objectives and plans for 2014, and made wonderful comments on the contents of the conference, with special emphasis on The role of teamwork; analysis of the difficulties, problems and countermeasures that may be encountered during the operation of the project, enriching the experience of the sales elite operating projects. The company is currently in the process of tackling the key, and hopes that the marketing development work in the fourth quarter will be a complete success.
    The conference called for grasping the situation, gathering strength and creating advantages in the new year, striving to join hands with various partners in the market expansion, doing everything possible, comprehensively improving the core marketing competitiveness, creating market combat power, detailing success or failure, innovation Decide the future. The meeting was a complete success in a warm atmosphere.

     Figure 1: Training site one





      Figure 2: Training site 2