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Congratulations on the 2014 International Vascular Surgery Association (ISVS) Conference and the 8th China Southern Blood Vessel

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Congratulations on the 2014 International Vascular Surgery Association (ISVS) Conference and the 8th China Southern Blood Vessel Conference (SEC2014)

  The 2014 International Vascular Surgery Association (ISVS) Conference, the 5th Wang Zhongyu Vascular Forum, the 8th China Southern Vascular Conference (SEC2014) and the 3rd Strait Vascular Forum (SVF2014) were grandly held in Guangzhou on July 10-13, 2014. Held.

  The International Vascular Surgery Association was founded in 2003 and has assembled a large number of elites in vascular surgery from around the world. This meeting was held in the United States in the past. At the initiative of Academician Wang Zhongyu, the annual meeting in 2014 moved to Guangdong, China, which is a great trust and affirmation to the Chinese vascular surgery community.
  Academician Wang Zhongyu is the founder of the Chinese Vascular Surgery Group. He has made outstanding contributions to the development of vascular surgery in China for decades, and has also promoted Chinese vascular surgery to the world. The conference also set up the Wang Zhongyu Vascular Award to encourage young scholars who have worked diligently and made certain achievements in the field of vascular diseases in China.
  Shenzhen Huijian Medical Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of our company, is the only partner of Siemens Hybrid (composite) operating room in China. The “Digital Compound Operating Room” recommended by the exhibition won the national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects. The award, “Composite Surgery” solution provides a new way for interdisciplinary collaboration between interventional and surgeons.
  The SEC has become one of the largest and most influential conferences in the field of vascular diseases in China. It has been aiming at “higher, more refined and better”. After years of exploration and accumulation, it has led the rapid development of China's vascular disease industry. At the same time, it also provides a bridge for information exchange between experts and exhibitors.
 In July, Guangzhou is purple and fragrant, and the musk is tempting. Excellent experts, professors, and factory representatives from all over the country gathered here to exchange academics and gain friendship.


Picture 1: The conference site



Picture 2: Conference site 2



Photo 3: Academician Wang Zhongyu (third from left) takes photos with leaders and participants of the company.



Picture 4: Participants will visit our booth



 Photo 5: Executive Chairman of the Conference Xiao Xiao (second from left) visit our booth



Picture 6: Group Marketing Elite