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Steady and far-reaching, unconventional - 2019 New Year's message

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On the very beginning of the new year, the beautiful moment of the change of Vientiane, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the leaders of the society, all walks of life and all the shareholders who care about and support the development of Huijian for a long time. Sincere New Year greetings!
Appreciate and share
In 2018, it is a year of triumph!
The opening year of the year, the group's subordinate Huijian medical project is to open a billion-dollar large order in Guizhou Province, blowing the horn of the charge, all business sectors have been racing, the country has been reported frequently, the performance is steadily moving forward, the industry is leading. At the "CHCC2018 National Hospital Construction Conference", the first event of the Asian Medical Construction, the co-organizers made their debut, and the "Hujian model" smart medical overall solution shocked the industry and created a model.
In 2018, it is a year of courage!
Dare to be the industry first, the company organized the China Digital Composite Operating Room industry standard preparation start-up meeting, as the editor-in-chief unit actively joined the same road to jointly explore the road of digital composite operating room construction to standardization and standardization. A broader and deeper strategic cooperation with Siemens Medical Group, which is the first in the world for imaging products. I deeply feel the corporate social responsibility. I have successively cooperated with the Municipal Care Office, the Children's Hospital of the City, and advocated and took the “ICU Children” charity fund to help the poor and help the poor and give back to the society.
The hoof stalks the sun and the moon
In 2019, it will be a year of big waves!
"What we are in now is a time when the ship is more turbulent and the road is steeper, and it is more difficult. At the moment! "At the moment, the economic downturn is obvious, competition is getting worse, challenges and opportunities coexist. How to turn crisis into opportunity? How to transform and upgrade? Or push it back! Are crueling us! Only with the hard core technology and the strength of the battle, can we be precise and surprisingly successful.
In 2019, it will be a year of hard work!
In the new era of the new journey, the company has firmly grasped the promising historical opportunity period of “Healthy China” and “One Belt, One Road”, focusing on the classification and treatment, smart hospitals, and medical care combined with the big health industry ecosystem. To create first-class technology management, first-class service quality, first-class brand value as the goal. Hold on to the ground, rest on the pillows, lift your breath and wake up, really work hard + smart, stand tall and embrace the future!
I sincerely hope that everyone will have a happy New Year, a successful career, good health and happiness!

Shenzhen Huijian Group Co., Ltd.
                                                                Chairman Qiu Junxin
December 31, 2008