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Decoded by the most advanced hybrid operating room and precision medical laboratory in South China, planned and designed by Shen

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Huijian Group is the planning, design and construction unit of Zhuhai Interventional Treatment Center and Zhuhai Precision Medicine Clinic. On September 15, the opening ceremony and media conference of Zhuhai Interventional Treatment Center and Zhuhai Precision Medicine Clinic On the occasion of the Zhuhai People's Hospital, Wu Di, the general manager of the Group's Great Health Division, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony.


Zhuhai Interventional Therapy Center is the most advanced interventional operating room platform with international design concept at the present stage. It will also become the most comprehensive interventional treatment platform in South China. The second phase of the project is equipped with the most advanced DSA-CT (slide CT + DSA) hybrid operating room, high-end mobile DSA robot and other equipment, which will bring the most "high, precise and sharp" to the people of Zhuhai and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Medical technology services.



Zhuhai Precision Medicine Clinic is a comprehensive scientific research and clinical transformation platform integrating “basic scientific research, clinical testing, translational medicine, precision diagnosis and treatment”. It realizes precision for patients through mature medical biotechnology and translational medicine technology. The medical diagnosis and treatment service has established close cooperation with famous universities and research institutes such as the University of Macau, the Jackson Laboratory of the United States, the Duke University of the United States and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.



Zhu Qingli, member of the Standing Committee of Zhuhai Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, Tao Hailin, secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Health Planning Bureau, Yu Sihao, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, and Cheng Zhitao, deputy director of the Municipal People's Bureau, attended the ceremony. The Chinese Medical Association Interventional Physician Branch Teng Yijun, dean of the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, Xu Ke, former chairman of the Chinese Radiation Society, Xiao Xiangsheng, a specialist in minimally invasive interventional therapy for cancer, and Zhang Fujun, director of the Minimally Invasive Treatment Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, etc. Experts attended the launching ceremony.



Zhuhai Interventional Therapy Center was settled in Zhuhai People's Hospital in January 2016. It covers four major interventional medical clinics including tumor intervention, cardiac intervention, peripheral vascular intervention and cerebrovascular nerve intervention. It has realized the efficient integration of resources related to interventional medicine. And promoted the rapid development of Zhuhai People's Hospital as a whole.



After more than a year of development, Zhuhai Interventional Therapy Center has become one of the most comprehensive interventional treatment centers in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Its medical technology service level and scientific research transformation level have reached the leading level in the province and the domestic first-class level.



With the strong support of the municipal party committee and municipal government, the long-term planning of the second phase of the project has a total value of over 500 million yuan. It is equipped with 7 DSA operating rooms, including Artis Zeego DSA-CT (slide CT + DSA) hybridization. The operating room is a one-stop preoperative diagnosis, intraoperative treatment, postoperative evaluation of the 100-level laminar flow clean operating room. It is the most advanced hybrid operating room with international design concept. The overall hardware specification level is the strongest in South China. In addition, the operating platform is equipped with the most advanced digital subtraction angiography machines GE Innova IGS 740 and 630 pairs of C-arms, Philips Allura Xper FD20 and other advanced equipment.


The first government-led precision medical center in the country

The Zhuhai Precision Medicine Clinic (Macau University-Zhuhai People's Hospital Joint Research Center), built by Zhuhai People's Hospital, is the key construction project of medical highland in Guangdong Province and Zhuhai City, and the first precision medical center under the leadership of the government.



The center is jointly established by the University of Macau with a comprehensive scientific research and clinical transformation platform integrating basic research, clinical testing, translational medicine, and precise diagnosis and treatment. It also cooperates with Jackson Laboratory, Duke University and Chinese Academy of Sciences at home and abroad. Well-known research institutes have established close cooperation. It is equipped with hardware facilities such as small animal optical multi-mode fusion molecular imaging equipment, and carries out in-depth basic and clinical transformation research in the fields of individualized immunotherapy, molecular imaging, stem cells and medical artificial intelligence.


Patient-centered precision, minimally invasive diagnostic concept


The patient-centered precision and minimally invasive diagnosis concept has become the development trend of current medical technology. Zhuhai People's Hospital continues to introduce advanced medical equipment, technology and talents, relying on Zhuhai Interventional Medical Center platform and precision medical diagnosis and treatment platform. Continuously reforming technological innovation, improving the level of precision diagnosis and treatment for patients, and striving to become a regional international medical treatment center and translational medicine research center that has the characteristics of dominant brands in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Macao.


"High-tech medical" small question and answer

Q: What does the hybrid operating room mean?

A: In the interventional treatment center of Zhuhai People's Hospital, we can see that the most “high, large, upper” operating room is called “100-level laminar flow hybrid operation room”. As a medical frontier technology, hybrid surgery combines the original "divide and conquer" surgery with interventional therapy and imaging diagnosis, and implements it at the same time. The patient does not need to be transferred between the operating rooms, nor does it require multiple anesthesia. The postoperative ventilator use time, chest drainage, arrhythmia rate, and postoperative complications are significantly reduced. The hybrid operating room also adopted a hundred-level laminar flow cleansing, which is 20 times more clean than the normal operating room.



Q: In this hybrid surgery room, patients can complete various tests in the operating room without transferring them.

A: The perfect combination of intraoperative indoor slide CT and DSA (digital angiography machine) in the multi-layer laminar flow hybrid surgery, the combination of vascular intervention and non-vascular intervention in interventional surgery is the fastest, safest and most accurate implementation. Intraoperative navigation and postoperative evaluation, and built the most cutting-edge critical care diagnosis and treatment platform and research and teaching platform. Make the collaboration of different disciplines very promising, tailor-made for climbing the peak of scientific research.

At the same time, the 8-axis intelligent robot angiography system (Artis Q zeego) is a new generation of angiography system optimized for the design of the composite operating room. Its flexible robotic arm makes it easy to access the patient at any angular distance for X-ray projection. It is also the industry's only variable center point DSA device. The center point can be varied from 1030mm to 1470mm, and all diagnostic treatments, including rotary collection and other advanced treatments, are also available. The Zeego model is also equipped with the most advanced low-dose imaging in the industry. Technology - CARE+CLEAR, the overall radiation dose is reduced by 85%, and the image quality is not reduced.