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Huijian Group pledged 1 million yuan to care for "children of ICU"

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In the philanthropic world, the major medical assistance projects for children in distress have always been concerned, but the “children of ICU” in the child emergency care unit have not received extensive attention and exclusive special fund assistance.
      On the afternoon of September 21, the Shenzhen Guan Ai Action Charity Foundation · ICU's Children's Rescue Plan and the "Starting" Charity Concert Launching Ceremony was held at the China Public Welfare Image Pavilion in Hall 1 of the 6th China Ci Exhibition.
        In order to help this special group of children fight the disease at the critical moment of the first 24 hours, Shenzhen Huijian Group pledged 1 million yuan, and donated 200,000 yuan for the first time to set up the "Shenzhen Care Action Foundation·ICU child rescue" plan". It is also a “filled-up” project for medical assistance for seriously ill children in Shenzhen.



       Chen Li, full-time deputy director of Shenzhen Guanai Office, Peng Yina, secretary general of Shenzhen Guan Ai Action Charity Foundation, Zhong Shan, dean of Shenzhen Children's Hospital, and Tong Qiao, deputy editor-in-chief of Shenzhen Evening News, attended the launching ceremony to cheer for “children of ICU” Power!
       At the launching ceremony of the day, Peng Yina, Secretary General of Shenzhen Guan Ai Action Charity Foundation, received the donation check card from Ms. Zhang Huizhen, President of Shenzhen Huijian Group and Chairman of the “ICU Children's Rescue Program”.



President Zhang Huizhen introduced that Huijian Group is a state-level high-tech enterprise with cross-border integration qualification. It has always been a very caring enterprise. Student aid, disaster relief, and poverty alleviation activities are all attended. "This time I started the 'ICU Kids' rescue plan. First of all, because I am also a mother, I can feel the same thing about the children of ICU and their families. In addition, through several months of research, it is true. I understand that the children in ICU of Shenzhen Children's Hospital accounted for a relatively high proportion, and it has not yet attracted the attention of the social assistance force.” Zhang Huizhen said, “The first 24 hours of life rescue is very important for children entering the ICU. Our project donation And the money to be raised in the future is precisely to give more tangible support to this 24-hour rescue."



24-hour life relay, let the ICU ward have more hope

       It is understood that the number of cases admitted to the Department of Critical Care Medicine (PICU) of Shenzhen Children's Hospital is 950-1050. 35% to 40% of the children are poor. Because the children of ICU are critically critical, acute onset, rapid change, critical illness, high mortality, including heart failure, organ failure, sepsis, etc., resulting in an average medical cost of 8,000-15,000 yuan per day. This has caused some families to fall into desperate situations. What's more, because of the inability to pay the fee, he directly gave up the rescue treatment for the child.
      "It’s the Shenzhen people." Peng Yina, secretary-general of the Shenzhen Guan Ai Action Charity Foundation, said that these "children of ICU" are the treasures of their parents and the common future of Shenzhen people. They are the closest to death and the closest to hope. The “ICU Kids” charity project is the first 24-hour rescue run for the children through the “Life Relay” approach. The project will raise a lot of money and set up a Rainbow Bridge, so that the "dangerous ICU" will become warm and harmonious, and become a place to change the fate of these children!



President Zhang Huizhen of Huijian Group said that after the project is launched, the first batch of donations will be allocated immediately to “transfusion of blood” to “ICU children” and their poor families.



The reporter was also informed that a spontaneous concert of the children is being prepared, preparing for the beginning of 2019 to "set sail" for love. The concert will be loved by a young girl captain, leading the friends to sail to the beautiful Rainbow Bridge for the "ICU children", sailing towards the place of hope!


"ICU Kids" Donation Account:
Account Name: Shenzhen Guan Ai Action Foundation
Bank: China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch Shangbu Branch
Account number: 7559 1734 0410 202
Remarks: (ICU Child Rescue Plan)