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The president of Huijian Group was invited to attend the Siemens headquarters factory in Germany to attend the conference.

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At the end of May 2017, Siemens China held a national agent conference in Shanghai. The conference focused on the two-vote system, which made its agents gradually become two-level differentiation. The stronger is stronger, the advantages are concentrated, and the weak are gradually away from the channel. Our company has been honored as an excellent agent among hundreds of agents all over the country. The president was invited to attend the conference at the Siemens Global Headquarters in Germany in mid-June, when it will learn, enhance and connect resources.


Montag, President of Siemens Medical Global, spoke brilliantly


Zeng Fanzhong, President of Siemens Medical China

On June 13, 2017, Ms. Zhang Huizhen, President of our Group, was invited as an excellent partner to attend and visit the hometown of Bamberg, the president of Siemens Global Medical. The beautiful Bamberg has the title of Little Venice. Germany's largest historical city without war is also one of the world's cultural heritage cities. Also not to be missed is the Bamberg beer. There are 9 traditional breweries in the city, producing more than 50 different types of beer. global.



During the conference, delegates visited the Siemens Medical Building, which was separated from the Siemens Group. It was just launched last year. It has a strong sense of design and a new brand of logo. It highlights the integration of modern technology and makes it more accurate in global medical positioning. Fortunately, I also visited the personal experience center that has not been opened to the public. The center was built by Siemens Medical, and the lineup is luxurious, attracting the world's top users.


Siemens factory


Participants took a group photo




Group photo of Siemens Medical New Building


The president of our company visited several factories and could not help but praise the powerful information and data functions of Siemens. The process of production of each machine in the world is clearly displayed, and the goal orientation is extremely precise. In the factory showroom, Simon.Hegele, a nearly 100-year-old supply chain company, caught the attention of the president. The logo was prominently hung in the Siemens factory. The company worked closely with Siemens since its inception, and has been working together for nearly a hundred years. Grow, highlighting the importance of partners.


A century-old supplier


The night of Siemens, in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, the global president Montag and the president of China, George, invited the delegates to drink Bamberg's unique smoked beer at night, which not only showed the unique family-oriented in Siemens culture. On the one hand, it also shows that a charming and great enterprise is so happy to work, and steadily move forward in a happy life...


Montag, President of Siemens Medical Global, and George, President of Siemens Medical China, took a group photo with Tina, President of our company, to taste the smoked beer of Montag’s hometown, Bamberg.


Mr. Zeng Fanzhong (George), President of Siemens Medical China, and Ms. Zhang Huizhen (Tina), President of our company, wish a toast


Participants exchange after the meeting


In this trip, Huijian Medical is the top-ranking engineering enterprise with exclusive strategic cooperation with Siemens in China. In the industrial chain layout, we will rely on the advantages of the world's top 500 manufacturers for many years to understand the latest medical development trends and clinical advancement. The technical advantages provide users with a more advanced and comprehensive integrated solution.