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Zhonghuaqiu (Qiu) General Meeting Puning Branch Annual Celebration and Puning Qiu (Qiu) Scholarship Foundation Inaugural Meeting

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On June 30th, the anniversary celebration of the Puning Branch of Zhonghuaqiu (Qiu) and the inaugural meeting of the Puningqiu (Qiu) Scholarship Foundation was held in Puning.
Mr. Qiu Junxin, Chairman of Huijian Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.




Full text of the speech:
Dear Mr. Zhongqiu (Qiu) General Meeting, President of the Chaozhou Federation (Everyone), Honorable Directors of the Puning Branch, Chiefs:
good morning guys!
I am very pleased to join you in the "Puning Branch Anniversary Celebration and the Inauguration of the Puningqiu (Qiu) Scholarship Foundation. Here, on behalf of the Puning Branch and the Puningqiu (Qiu) Scholarship Foundation, I am here since the establishment of the branch. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues who have worked hard and the higher-level units and people from all walks of life who care about and support the work of the club. They also warmly congratulate the first anniversary of the club.
Just now, the Standing Committee of Changchun Song, on behalf of the Council, made a "Work Report on the First Anniversary of the Establishment of Puning Branch". I very much agree that the Puning Branch will be the first anniversary of its establishment and conscientiously implement the "Respecting the ancestors, respecting the patriotism, loyal service, loyal service, The purpose of selfless dedication is to carry out the work under the three tasks of “cultivating the genealogy, repairing the tomb, and educating the sages”, and through the efforts of all members of the Qiu Clan Principal Council, for the friendship between the clan’s clan Communication, building a broad platform for activities, and the achievements should be fully affirmed.
Don't forget your heart, your innocence, and live up to this beautiful era and live up to this great dream!
In this way, I would like to comment on the following three points:

1. Compilation work of "Zhonghua Qiu (Qiu)'s Genealogy · Guangdong Puning's Scores"
As mentioned in the chapter meeting: From July 2016, we must concentrate on manpower, time and financial resources, and plan to use one year to compile "Zhonghuaqiu (Qiu)'s genealogy and Puning scores). We must have determination and confidence. To enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, we must be intensive and strive to complete the first draft and send it to the General Assembly for approval. It is hoped that all the villagers in Puning will unite and work together to actively coordinate and speed up the progress.
2. About the Puningqiu (Qiu) Scholarship Foundation
In order to revitalize the descendants of the descendants of Puningqiu (Qiu), we continue to implement the “three major tasks of “promoting education and ethics” work proposed by the General Conference. The “Punning Qiu” Scholarship Foundation was established to abide by the national constitution and laws. In order to build a harmonious society and promote the unity of the Zongne and even the unity of the surnames. Promote the development of Puning education and the healthy growth of young people, reward students with excellent academics, cultivate talented people with knowledge, talent and quality, improve the humanity quality of Puningqiu (Qiu) and even promote the entire social civilization.
3, the relationship between the ancestors and the family, the construction of "Qiu's Grand Puning"
Strengthen cooperation, accelerate development, establish an information network platform, and run the annual chapter of the club. Strengthen cooperation with the Brothers Branch and strive to discover local talents: filial piety, as always, carry forward the national spirit, safeguard the glory of our family, and support the construction of valuable village ancestral halls and ancestral tombs.
Supporting the work of Zhonghuaqiu (Qiu) General Association and the Chaozhou Federation, especially for the prosperity of our family, talented people, and the creation of the glory of Chu's glory for generations to come - total 祠, add bricks and tiles.
The dream come true, let us make a wish together. The accumulation of less can be more, the collection can be a shackle, the accumulation of small good can become a good, the key is to persist. No matter how tortuous, stick to it, and eventually return to the sea. No matter how poor the mountains are, the more will continue to be. If you persist, there will be a miracle.