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The second year of the second year of the US Health Year is held in Qingdao!

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From June 9th to 11th, 2017, Mei Nian Da Health Company held the second quarter of the month business conference in Qingdao. This business conference not only summarizes the business results of the first half of the Mei Nian store, but also explains the development direction of the US. The US-based health marketing strategy is no longer simply relying on group inspections, but also mergers and acquisitions. Urban marginalized areas and rural areas are also a huge potential development market. Every American must have its own goals, implementation, and review success, and persist in it. Don't let yesterday's miss become tomorrow's regret. Implement the PDCA policy and recognize the advanced teams such as Dalian Mei Nian. President Xu Ke, financial leader, etc. attended the conference and gave speeches and speeches.
As the main Siemens supplier, Huijian Group participated in the conference and actively communicated with peers to expand the scope of Huijian Group's business partners and also enhance the visibility and influence of Huijian Group.


Over-completion of the task, Xu President’s on-site commendation~
Pennant + cash
The representatives of the major groups of Mei Nian stores today analyzed and understood the speech of President Xu Ke yesterday and explained it on the spot.
President of the Year of Health
The theme of the conference: from the target group inspection to the merger and development, and requires that every young person needs to have a goal, when they fall, and ask for it, the MG group has a pk group, and the monthly meeting will be Pk results were audited.