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Huijian Group participated in the 2017 fire safety emergency drill of Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Park

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In order to enhance the ability of the owners and employees of the Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park to respond to emergencies, escape ability and self-protection ability, the handling capacity and rescue capability of each owner and enterprise in response to fire accidents shall be enhanced, and The Law on Safe Production and other relevant laws and regulations stipulate that the property service center will hold fire drills in the park on the afternoon of June 23, 2017.
Huijian Group was invited to participate in this fire drill as a representative of the company!

Xiaobian brings pictures of the drill site to everyone to feel!



Xiao Bian brought pictures of the drill site to everyone to see how active we are. The general management center Wang Zong on behalf of the group first came to the scene to sign in, hey, signed! !



At the scene, the fire department leaders and Wang Zong took a group photo.


A: Look!
B: What! Airplane?
A: It’s on fire!
The drill officially started, and the 2nd floor of Block B, 6th floor, simulated the fire!


The bell sounded, and the first time the organizers evacuated, the wet towel covered the nose and mouth, and the order was carried out!


The two water columns go straight to the fire point and extinguish the fire point accurately in one minute.


Some of the personnel have been safely evacuated to the safe zone, and they are praised by the partners. You are the pacesetter, great! No big red flowers, if you have one, bring one!



The deputy commander of the drill introduced the use of some respirators and fire extinguishers, and the demonstrators showed you how to wear fireproof suits.
This explains the profession! This wears the standard!


This thing is on fire and I believe everyone is afraid. That's right! It is a gas bottle. Why is this photo taken so far? In fact, to be honest, Xiao Bian was always scared at the time, and this thing was a hot wave, and everyone was scared back.
But the professional firefighters showed you how to extinguish the gas bottle - that is, standing on the upper vent, aiming the fire extinguisher at the fire point of the gas bottle and pressing the fire extinguisher. The last step reminds everyone that it is also very important to turn off the gas bottle switch that has been extinguished!


After the drill, the fire squadron's firefighting hero commented on the drill!


Mr. Wang of Huijian Group played!


It is our turn to come to our colleague to personally practice the knife, and after mastering the use of the fire extinguisher, immediately extinguish the fire!
Classmate, it seems that you have learned it!


Collection !
Looking at the heroic firefighters, my heart is awesome! To be honest, Xiao Bian himself wants to be a soldier from an early age. He may regret being a soldier for two years, but he does not regret being a soldier. He really regrets his life for a lifetime!