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Huijian Group launched a comprehensive launch of the talent echelon in 2013

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The group leaders attach great importance to the construction of the talent echelon, emphasizing that human resources are the Group's primary productivity. In 2013, we adhered to the management concept of “people-oriented”, comprehensively strengthened the construction of talent echelon, and provided human resources protection for the Group's sustained and steady development. To this end, the Group's Human Resources Department organized on-site recruitment in Shenzhen Talent Market on January 8 and 14, with sales managers, designers, engineers, marketing clerk and project manager.

At the same time, we will establish a talent exchange and interaction mechanism with relevant domestic institutions, and communicate with relevant college graduates through telephone and online channels. The supply and demand sides will deeply explore the job intentions and employment aspirations of the new graduates, as well as the future career development of job seekers. Through planning and exchanges, we have accumulated valuable experience in further improving the Group's talent reserve construction and enriching the corporate culture of the Group. (Source: Human Resources)