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Guangdong Medical Association's first medical engineering conference

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On August 24-26, 2012, Shenzhen Huijian Group Co., Ltd. was the only partner of the Hybrid (composite) operating room in Germany, and was invited to participate in the first time.---Guangdong Medical Association Medical Engineering for the first time academic conference.

The theme of this conference focused on hot issues such as new advances in clinical medical engineering, medical device management and quality control, medical device application security and risk control, digital hospitals and digital new technologies. As the overall solution provider of modern hospitals, Huijian Medical actively participated in the conference and conducted business exchanges, information communication and related academic discussions. During the conference, domestic medical engineering experts made wonderful academic reports and on-site academic exchanges.

Providing advanced medical equipment and high-quality engineering services is the philosophy that Huijian people are accustomed to. The conference will contribute to the hospital's clinical treatment, equipment consumables purchase, safety management, information construction and financial budget planning. Management and service levels have risen to the next level.


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