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2012 Huijian Group New Year Annual Meeting

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In January 2012, the employees of Huijian Group and its offices gathered together, and Huijian people gathered at the Polaroid Hotel to hold the 2012 New Year Annual Meeting and Commendation Conference to celebrate the annual celebration.

    In 2011, it was a hard year for Huijian people, a year of joy and a successful year. Part of the agent of Siemens radioactive product line, the full line of agent in the compound operating room; the comprehensive expansion of the markets in South China, West China and North China, along the way, the hard work of Huijian people can be seen. To this end, we got together and looked back yesterday, thinking about the future and commending and awarding outstanding teams and individuals in 2011.

    At the annual meeting, the chairman of the company reported on the development of Huijian in the past year, and shared the achievements of the company's development in 2011. At the same time, the vision of the company in 2012 also to employees, partners and The shareholders gave an introduction.

    After the award ceremony, the 2012 evening party with the theme of “Winning the Waves and Creating the Glory”, each department presented a cultural program that was self-edited, self-directed, self-disciplined and performed by employees. Whether it is a essay, dance, or a festival of music, it fully reflects the strength and strength of Huijian people, and they can adhere to the spirit and talent of the sun.

    Tonight's gathering, let us share a happy time, look forward to a better start tomorrow, let us work together!


Picture 1: Photo of excellent employees


Picture 2: R&D Department "India Belly Dance"