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2011 Shenzhen Radiation Annual Meeting

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     On November 4-5, 2011, the Shenzhen Medical Association Radiology Committee, Shenzhen Health Bureau, Siemens Medical and other sponsored 2011 Shenzhen Radiological Conference was held in Baoan District People's Hospital.
     Our company is the provincial-level regional partner of the German SIEMENS radiographic products and the only partner of the compound operating room in China. The conference was invited to participate in the conference. The conference was recognized and highly praised by many experts in the radiology field. The radio conference is characterized by the continued integration of academic reports and academic discussions, combined with the difficulty of various imaging methods and challenging case reports and discussions. The Siemens Imaging Division made an on-site report on the progress of Siemens imaging technology and imaging products.
     In 2011, the Shenzhen Radiological Annual Conference was successfully completed on November 5th. This meeting played a very good role in promoting the development of radiology in various district hospitals in Shenzhen!


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