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Taiwan Pacific Medical Materials Leaders visited Huijian Group for inspection and visit

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On April 15, 2011, the leaders of Taiwan Pacific Medical Materials visited our company for inspection and visit. The company has been listed in Taiwan for 10 years and has a strong competitive advantage in the market. It has been well received by domestic and foreign customers. As a well-known Taiwanese company, this trip focuses on the well-known, powerful and honest modern medical system service providers in the Mainland as partners in China. Mr. Li, Director of the Pacific Medical Materials Operations Department, listened to the Vice President of our company to introduce the classic cases of medical system purification undertaken in recent years. While giving our company full recognition, Taiwan compatriots also brought us the advanced concept and humanized management model of Taiwan's medical enterprises.........The two sides' medical system and future development under the friendly atmosphere The trend is to communicate in depth. The Taiwan Pacific Medical Compatriots visited our company and brought a new situation for the development of the medical industry on both sides of the strait to jointly meet the prosperous future of the Chinese nation.


Picture 1: Listen carefully to the company introduction


Picture 2: A cordial conversation between the leaders of the two sides


Picture 3: Both leaders posed for pictures. Right 4 (Mr. Qiu Junxin, Chairman of Huijian Group), Right 3 (Mr. Li Jiamao, Executive Vice President of Taiwan Pacific), and Right 5 (Ms. Zhang Hongying, President of Huijian Group)