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Enterprise employee fire safety knowledge training

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In order to comprehensively strengthen the company's fire safety management, improve employees' fire safety awareness, and create a harmonious and safe working environment, the company conducted a vivid and detailed fire safety knowledge training on February 20.

The training includes two major themes: fire safety knowledge training and anti-fraud knowledge training.

In the fire safety knowledge training, the lecturers mainly focus on the fire protection common sense such as the initial fire fighting, how to properly alarm, the fire evacuation method, and the use of fire equipment. It focuses on several typical educational fire cases and analyzes them. It also describes the causes and prevention of family fires. The entire teaching process is intuitive and close to life, so that employees can further feel the importance of fire safety and feel the importance of understanding the correct fire self-rescue method. In the process of fire fighting, in the face of the fire, some employees just started to appear a little nervous, but after the personal demonstration and detailed explanation by the lecturers, everyone relaxed their mood, eager to try, and actively participated in the practice drill. After the drill ended, many employees were still unsatisfied with the drills. They also wanted to have more opportunities to practice and master them several times.

Later, the company staff was told about how to prevent fraud. Throughout the storytelling process, a large number of cases were cited, accompanied by vivid explanations, let us once again understand the importance of enhancing safety awareness.

    After the meeting, the participants of the training team unanimously stated that the fire safety training has enhanced everyone's understanding of fire safety knowledge and its importance at different levels, so that everyone has learned and mastered the basic knowledge of fire prevention and self-rescue skills for fire fighting and escape. As well as a large number of anti-fraud knowledge, it has greatly promoted the safety of individuals and companies.