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Huijian Company launched a speech contest on business knowledge, which fully demonstrated the company's style.

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      At 9:45 am on Sunday, August 5, 2007, the speech contest of Huijian employees kicked off in the company conference room. The company leaders Qiu Junxin and Zhang Hongying attended the whole process and invited the leaders and employees of Hengkang to conduct the lectures. The on-site timekeeping score was supervised by Huijian Leadership.

       The speech began: General Manager Assistant Li Li took the lead and used his professional and confident explanation to fully demonstrate the style that Hui Jian people should have and set an example for the speakers. Hu Mo, the manager of the design department, gave us the knowledge about purifying the operating room air-conditioning system according to the majors studied. The explanation was shallow and deep, which gave us a good training opportunity. Huang Haoluo, a staff member of the design department: The speech was initially a bit shy and a little nervous, but as the speech progressed, his performance became more and more confident. In the face of questions raised by everyone, the answer was smooth and organized. Shu Danping, a staff member of the budget department: It is a bright spot for everyone. It not only brings meticulously produced slides, but also uses slideshows to effectively explain their job responsibilities, behave generously, and be agile, and have won unanimous praise. . Hu Miaojun, an employee of the design department: Although he only entered the company for more than a month, he bravely stood in front of the stage and told his understanding of the company culture and the company's business philosophy. Chen Guoxiong, manager of the after-sales service department: As usual, he is a man who works hard, is conscientious and courageous, and is loyal and humble without losing rigor. Zhang Zhigang, Purchasing Manager: I expressed my work responsibilities and the direction of future efforts, humorous and whispering, and the highlights brought a laughter. Guo Yingdong, an employee of the marketing department, tells the current market situation, the comparison of competitors and construction materials, and does not take the lectures and talks about everything. Followed by the staff of the marketing department Liu Bingzheng: cordial and gracious, attitude and humility to us as a customer to conduct a live drill, received good results, fully embodies the good customer service quality of Huijian people. The last appearance of Yu Fang: also a newcomer to the marketing department, from the industry trends to the company culture based on their own views have been more profound.

       The competition lasted more than seven hours and fully provided each employee with a platform and opportunity to show themselves and improve themselves. Moderator Guy, Technical Director Gao Gong and company leaders Zhang Zong and Qiu Dong all made concluding remarks and made pertinent comments and expectations for each speaker. Under the fair and impartial judges of the judges, Huang Haolu, the staff of the design department: won the first place in the competition with his careful, patient and thoughtful speech; Shu Danping, the staff of the budget department: won the first with the new slide production and solid business foundation. The second place was a good result; the third was designed by the engineer Hu Hao and the marketing department employee Liu Bingzheng. Since then, the speech contest has come to a successful conclusion. Although the speech contest is over, the thought left to us has just begun: China's purification project began in the 1980s. In the development process of just over 20 years, related inter-industry companies have sprung up like mushrooms. The fierce market competition environment has further promoted the purification industry to become more mature and perfect. In the face of the ever-changing technological development technology update, we will be eliminated if we do not have advanced design concepts and the ability to create more value-added services for our customers. How to build a team with strong professional skills, strong sense of service, and independent innovation, create more value for our customers, which is the new demand and higher standards of the market. In the first half of the year, because the company was busy undertaking engineering projects, the training for employees was not carried out in time. In addition, there was no comparison between employees, there would be no competition, and it was impossible to promote the development of the company. There were also some new employees for the company. The job responsibilities of the department and the company's products are still somewhat vague. At the same time, due to the special nature of the work, each of our employees is required to prepare for the professional explanation of the customer. Therefore, it is an imperative to achieve the purpose of holding a speech contest to achieve joint learning, intensive training, and clear job positions.

        Through this competition, we are delighted to find that Huijian employees have a deep understanding of their professionalism and a clear responsibility for their jobs. However, it also revealed some shortcomings: some speakers were not confident enough in the competition, some could not explain the company's products clearly, and some did not prepare for the game (including dressing, data preparation, etc.). In the face of the market, we are the window of the company. Facing the customers, we represent the company's image and temperament, the correct attitude, professional image and dedicated service, need long-term study and persistence. Therefore, the company can regularly carry out corresponding special training according to the professional expertise of the department, so that each employee truly reflects the "consultant sales" in front of the customer. At the same time, all employees can become versatile after learning a certain profession in depth, so as to better optimize the company's human resource allocation and further enhance the competitiveness of the company and individuals participating in the market. At the same time, employees are encouraged to make bold suggestions to the company, stipulating that each employee can summarize the problems encountered in the work according to the time limit requirements, and as a forerunner, the employees can quickly and easily get out of work misunderstanding. As the forefront of the company, the marketing department has the responsibility to bring the problems encountered in the market to the company and related departments in a timely manner, to help the company accurately grasp the market pulsation and become more competitive in the market competition. A favorable, mobile location.

      In short: Through this competition, all the participants have made new thoughts and explorations on themselves, the company and the market. This is a good measure for the company to expand the market and serve customers. It is necessary to form a mechanism to continue to develop in order to achieve the company. Sustainable long-term development.