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2017/04/18 08:00
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It is the spring season again, full of vitality and vitality. With the spring breath, Huijian people ushered in a day trip to Chaxi Valley in OCT East Shenzhen.

OCT East Shenzhen is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen, China, covering an area of ​​nearly 9 square kilometers. It is carefully built by the OCT Group. It is a large-scale comprehensive national eco-tourism demonstration area integrating themes of leisure and vacation, sightseeing and tourism, outdoor sports, and science education. It mainly consists of the Great Heroes Valley Ecological Paradise, Chaxi Valley Holiday Park, Dahuaxing Temple, etc., which reflects the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

At 15:30 on April 15th, a group of people took a bus to head towards the east towards Chaoyang, and the songs and jokes along the way smoothly reached the gate of Jingda. There were flowers and flowers everywhere around the scenic spot. This tour is the Chaxi Valley Scenic Area. The whole area presents a world of flowers, a world of flowers, a world of Chinese and Western cultures and a world of leisure vacations. Sanzhou Tea Garden is the fragrance of spring tea.

The town of Interlaken captures a variety of themes and elements such as the architecture of the Interlaken in the foothills of the European Swiss Alps, the flowers of Samart, and the paintings of Sheffield, realizing the perfect combination of Central European mountain architectural style and beautiful natural landscapes. Themed blocks, ancient forest trains, elegant resort hotels, Interlaken Hot Springs, the East Chinatown Grand Theater, water golf, tennis halls, etc., create a mountain town in the valley that is as beautiful as a fairytale world.

Hayfield Town is an American-style town with a theme of wine culture. The combination of logs and masonry is warm and rustic. The series of copper sculptures show the entire process from grape picking to wine making, and interpret the 19th century Napa, California, USA Wine town style in the valley. It mainly includes Tianmu, Hebron Palace, wine experience hall, brewed beer house, lakeside food gallery, small town inn and other special projects. It has created a fascinating place for tourists to date with red wine.

The ancient town of Chaweng is an appreciation area and central service area for tea culture, as well as an elegant recreation area for tourists. Visitors can enjoy tea meals, refreshments, local dishes, tea watching, tea drinking, and in-depth understanding of tea Zen culture; they can also experience tea-picking, tea-making, and pottery in the tea art workshop, tea wine workshop, and pottery workshop. pleasure.

The day's activities are gradually ending. When the night is coming, everyone returns to their warm homes with a happy and exhausted mood .. This activity not only enriches the amateur life of employees, improves their physical fitness, but also creates a healthy and progressive company The cultural atmosphere stimulates the youthful vitality of employees, and also increases the friendship between colleagues, which reflects the spirit of mutual help, friendship and unity of Huijian people.

East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture 1: Group photo of Huijianren Scenic Area


East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture 2: Youthful Health Jianren


East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture 3: Let's go



East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture 4: Friends in the Technology Center


East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture 5: I make the decision


East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture 6: Look, where are we


East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture 7: Scenic Corner



East OCT Shenzhen Tea Creek Valley Day Tour

Picture eight: A corner of the scenic spot