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"Happy Work"-Huijian Staff Lecture Hall

Group Dynamics
2017/03/01 08:00
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March in Yangchun, the breath of spring is everywhere, Huijian people ushered in the new year's first employee lecture hall. The employee lecture hall aims to implement the company's talent concept, strengthen internal effective communication, improve the comprehensive quality of employees, and provide employees with Provide a great stage for spelling out ideas, inspiring, and revealing yourself ... The theme of this time is the topic "happy work" that everyone often talks about.

First, the opening of the games will participate in the training of staff into the relaxed, happy atmosphere, small game requires not only collaborative team, team leader also requires the development of programs to defeat opponents in one hundred eleven teams of the group PK , the final The "small fresh meat" team stands out among many small teams by virtue of the overall unity of the team.

Immediately after, Liu Liye of the Comprehensive Center brought everyone a wonderful job sharing to make themselves happy. Someone once said: If you love your work very much, your life is heaven; if you really hate work, your life is hell. We spend a lot of time at work, because the proportion of work in life is very large, so why don't we make work more fun.

  "Employees love their work = higher productivity = more creative = better economic efficiency" , you will live happier without losing enthusiasm in your work.


"Happy Work"-Huijian Staff Lecture Hall

Picture: Happy Work Sharing