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World Smart Manufacturing Conference

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2016/12/06 08:00
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By the Ministry of Industry, the Jiangsu provincial government co-sponsored by the World Assembly on intelligent manufacturing 12 Yue 6to8held in the ancient capital of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The theme of this conference is "make manufacturing smarter". The leading companies in theglobaltop 500intelligent manufacturing industry all made their appearances. China General Technology Group was invited by Nanjing Hi-tech Zone to participate as a well-known domestic company.                

As a subsidiary of General Medical Group, we are invited to participate in this event. This exhibition uses the form of "theme conference + experiential display" to display the latest technology and main development trends of intelligent manufacturing in various aspects, levels and angles. The conference also enhanced the participation of ordinary audiences, allowing the general public to feel that intelligent manufacturing is closely related to our lives.

GM Group's booth is located in the main hall No. 4, showing the business segments of the group: the passive house technology introduced by GM Consulting, LIT ultraviolet disinfection products, and the green smart hospital overall solution of Huijian Medical. Among them, our digital composite operating room has become the focus of the exhibition. Its plan is integrated with the hospital's PACSandHISsystems to maximize the use of hospital information resources to achieve advanced functions such as surgery teaching, broadcasting, and remote control. It represents the development trend of cutting-edge surgical systems in the future and has become a highlight of the conference. 

  "Intelligent Manufacturing" is called the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" in human history. Innovation leads the era, and technology creates the future!


World Smart Manufacturing Conference

 Picture 1: Make Manufacturing Smarter


World Smart Manufacturing Conference

Picture 2: Group booth display


World Smart Manufacturing Conference

Picture three: Green smart hospital construction solution leader show



World Smart Manufacturing Conference

Picture 4: Endless visitors at our booth


World Smart Manufacturing Conference

Picture 5: Ms. Zhang Huizhen (middle), the president of our company, listened to the group leaders to introduce the product


World Smart Manufacturing Conference

Picture 6: Huijian Elite Team

World Smart Manufacturing Conference

Picture 7: Group leaders and our partners and other partners take a group photo