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Huijian Group entered Xiangtan University for recruitment

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2016/11/18 08:00
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     11 Yue 18 Ri corporate headquarters led to the person in charge of the administrative center of the focus of Hunan University ---- Xiangtan University, conducted the recruitment of new graduates.

   In the late autumn, there is a hint of winter chill in Hunan, but it does not affect the enthusiasm of the students. After systematic planning and preliminary preparations, the on-site recruitment work was carried out in an orderly manner. After a day of intensive recruitment work, the recruitment results were more significant. After a preliminary screening, 68 sub-networks of Xiang University were included in the company's candidate talent pool. Which finance majors have 24 people, construction workers 15 people, information officer 3 people, Members of Foreign Trade 5 , HR 3 people, buyer 3 people, cost Assistant 3 , graphic design assistant, piping design, marketing, quality and safety 1-2 people respectively .

    The company has always regarded talents as the company's greatest wealth, and this is also the core resource for the company's sustainable development.

Huijian Group entered Xiangtan University for recruitment

Picture of a beautiful young student


Huijian Group entered Xiangtan University for recruitment

Picture 2: Students with confident smiles