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Baishui Village Day Trip from Zengcheng

Group Dynamics
2016/11/05 08:00
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Unconsciously, November has come quietly, and the autumn changes in Shenzhen are not obvious. Everything around is still green and vital. Only the slightly dry air and the white sky tell us that autumn is here. Autumn in Shenzhen is beautiful and beautiful. Warm. With the breath of autumn, Huijian people ushered in a day trip to Baishui Village, Zengcheng, the largest fall waterfall in China.

At 8:30 on November 5th , all the people in Huijian who participated in the activity were full of energy and set off to the destination with a happy mood. The Baishui Village Provincial Scenic Spot is located in Paitan Town, in the mountainous area north of Zengcheng. It is known as " the magnificent emerald on the Tropic of Cancer " . The scenic area has high mountains and dense forests, and the air is fresh and abundant. Waterfall. This magical waterfall flows down from the top of Baishuizhai Mountain. It is beautiful, pure and pure. It is said to be the incarnation of He Xiangu, one of the eight immortals. The "Tiannan First Ladder" climbing trail. It spans three high mountains and connects two large Tianchi lakes, with a total length of 6.6 kilometers and a total of 9 9 9 9 stone steps. Tourists can climb this road in one stop. Visit the beautiful scenery of Xian Falls. Especially the pro waterfall pavilion that reaches level 2 1 9 or Mu waterfall pavilion that level 3 2 9 9 is still shocking. Take a stroll on the hydrophilic trail under the waterfall, which is close to nature. Easier way to fairy waterfall. The entrance of the hydrophilic trail is connected to the 2nd and 9th steps of the "Tiannan First Ladder" and leads to the 1st, 9th and 9th step waterfall observation platform, with a total length of 66 meters. A natural wooden boardwalk. Walk on it and overlook the beautiful scenery of White Daffodil Falls State, while moving forward, Ren's running water jumps and flows under his feet like a lively and cheerful note.

The whole trip is about four hours, that is, there are trickling streams, silver waterfalls, and a few mountain roads. The scenery is beautiful, the mountains are high and low along the way. Some weak colleagues are faltering. Everyone Helping each other, they extended their warm arms one after another. That ’s it. Classes 2199 and 3299. Some of my colleagues with good physical strength reached the top of the mountain and experienced a different scenery. As the sunset went down, all the members joined the meeting point on time, sitting on the grass, talking and laughing, eating local specialty fruits and snacks, all the fatigue disappeared ...

This activity not only enriched the company employees' amateur life, improved their physical fitness, created a healthy and up-to-date corporate culture atmosphere, stimulated their youth and vitality, increased the friendship between colleagues, but also demonstrated that Huijian people do not give up, do not abandon, Persist faith.

 As night came, everyone returned to their warm homes with joy and tiredness ...

Baishui Village Day Trip from Zengcheng

Picture 1: White Water Fairy Waterfall


Baishui Village Day Trip from Zengcheng

Picture 2: Group photo of Baishui Village


Baishui Village Day Trip from Zengcheng

Picture three: After-sales friends


Baishui Village Day Trip from Zengcheng

Picture 4: Zengjiangbian Group Photo