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Corporate legal training

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2016/11/03 08:00
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In early autumn, the sunshine in Shenzhen was still bright and the sky was still clear. To reduce the risk of business, and strive to improve economic efficiency, 11 Yue 1 Ri HR department organized a special "legal training seminars lectures", invited Li Yanhong China Commercial Law Firm lawyer for you on on the "Contract Law" Related knowledge.

The company's center leaders, department heads, purchasing department, engineering department, and marketing center colleagues came to attend the training. Mr. Li listed a lot of examples in the explanation, actively interacted with everyone, and made the whole training vivid and interesting by asking questions. Everyone asks attorney Li to analyze the questionable part of the contract case examples involved in daily work.

 In just three hours of basic training, everyone discussed fiercely, expressing their opinions, and we look forward to adding exciting training content in the future ...Corporate legal training

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