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Congratulations to the successful signing ceremony of the donation agreement of Huijian Group and Central University of Finance and Economics and the awarding ceremony of the 2016 Award Fund in Beijing.

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2016/10/22 08:00
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In the early autumn of Beijing, the sky is blue and the autumn is airy. In this harvest season, Huijian Group ushered in the donation of the Education Fund of Central University of Finance and Economics.

As the core member of the Huijian Group, Shenzhen Huijian Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. has the most complete top-level qualifications in the industry, and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the construction of modern medical cleansing systems. The company regards talents as its greatest wealth and is the core resource for the company's sustainable development.

As the helm of Huijian Group, Ms. Zhang Huizhen, with Huijian's gratitude to her alma mater, looking forward to entering the campus again, and dedicating herself to the Central University of Finance and Economics Education Foundation. Twenty years ago, Ms. Zhang Huizhen, the president, entered Zhongcai with aspirations and dreams ... In just a few decades, she has grown from being a university graduate to being a president of a diversified group of companies. What she shares most with her is dreams, Perseverance and pride.

At the "Central University of Finance and Economics Awards ( 2016 ) Awards Ceremony", the representative of the hospital and the group president Ms. Zhang Huizhen made wonderful speeches respectively. As a sister who has been away from her alma mater for 20 years, she shared her life with gratitude to her schoolmates. If there is a dream, there is a pursuit. Persevere, persevere, and persevere to realize your dream. Huijian Group has set up scholarships in Zhongcai, so that the medical section, financial leasing board, energy saving and environmental protection of Huijian provide a stage for life for all Zhongcai people; let more Zhongcai people step through the capital channels of Huijian Group Opportunities to work for listed medical companies on the main board of China and the main board of Hong Kong.

 The scholarship and bursary named "Huijian Group" lasted 5 years in the establishment of Zhongcai and the completion of "Huijian Bookshelf" in the new library, which will become a comprehensive development of Zhongcai people in cross-border management, talent training, employment and other aspects New steps.

    "Gathering talents for a   healthy future" Huijian people will, as always, be grateful to the society and give back to the society.



       Picture 1: Ms. Zhang Huizhen, President of Huijian Group (first from left in front row) and Ms. An Xiumei, Secretary of China Finance Foundation (first from right in front row) sign agreement





      Picture 2: Mr. Liang Yong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Finance and executive deputy director of the Education Foundation, presents a medal to Ms. Zhang Huizhen



        Picture 3: Ms. Zhang Huizhen, President of Huijian Group made a speech



        Picture 4: Teachers and students at the ceremony