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In front of the sick, we are a family ---- let us hold up hope with love

Group Dynamics
2016/09/26 08:00
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Recently, a two-year-old child of the company's after-sales department did not return to the Pediatric ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ward of Zhongshan People's Hospital because of a few days of high fever . Due to the critical condition, the medical expenses are large, bringing him and his family Heavy economic burden. After receiving this information, the company leaders provided condolences and care as soon as possible, and the relevant departments organized donation activities.

The disease is ruthless and the people are affectionate. All employees of the company carry forward the spirit of "difficulty in one party and support from all parties" and selfless dedication. They have extended their hands and dedicated their love. In just half a day after the donation proposal was issued, a total of 24,794.00 yuan was raised . Everyone picked up firewood and the flames were high, and they loved to donate warm current! At present, all the funds raised have been delivered to the employees as soon as possible. The greetings and concerns of the company leaders and all employees can bring warmth to him and his family, and also increase the motivation and courage for his children to overcome the disease.

    "Gathering talents for a healthy future", in the corporate culture advocated by the company, people-oriented is the main core. This caring activity also fully reflects the spirit of unity, love and mutual help of Huijian people in this big family!



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