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Good news: Warmly congratulate the transfer of the clean room operation project of Shaanxi Tongguan New People's Hospital, which was undertaken by our company, and put into use

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2016/09/23 08:00
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Tongguan County People's Hospital is located in the "Golden Triangle" of the Yellow River at the junction of Qin, Jin and Henan provinces. It is a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. In 1996 , it was rated as a second-class first-class hospital by the Ministry of Health. In 2002 , it was awarded the title of "Civil Model Unit of Civilized Units" by the Weinan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The hospital has 9 functional departments, 17 clinical departments, 4 medical technology departments, and 9 inpatient wards.

The six-story operating room, three-story ICU room, and one-story supply room of the new building were undertaken by our company . As a professional company in the medical purification industry, our company helps to build a model project for the Northwest region. Therefore, the company's leaders attach great importance to this project. In the face of tight construction schedules and heavy tasks on the construction site, experienced project management personnel will be sent to the site. The project department is giving full play to its management and technical advantages, strictly controlling quality, ensuring project safety, and supervising the progress of each construction team. The work was successfully completed, and the on-site inspection by a third-party inspection agency passed the one-time … .. It was well received by the leaders of the institute.

 The brand-new medical environment, high-quality medical equipment at home and abroad, and excellent medical teams make Tongguan County People's Hospital as a window unit of the East Gate, giving better play to its own advantages and bringing more gospel to the people.

Picture 1: Building Exterior


Picture 2: Clean Operating Room



Picture 3: ICU Ward


Picture four: A corner of the operating room aisle