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Warmly celebrate the opening ceremony of the cadre ward and surgery building of Beijing Army General Hospital (formerly Beijing Military Region General Hospital)

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2016/08/26 08:00
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Beijing Army General Hospital (formerly Beijing Military Region General Hospital) was established in 1913. It is a comprehensive tertiary first-class hospital with a long history, well-equipped equipment and advanced technology, integrating prevention, health care, medical research, teaching, and rehabilitation.

In the early autumn of Beijing, the sun is shining brightly and the autumn is bright. On August 26 , nearly a hundred people including all officers and soldiers of the Army General Hospital (formerly Beijing General Military Command) and contractors of various units of the surgical building gathered to celebrate the opening of the cadre ward and the surgical building. ceremony.

Our company as the main contractor of the clean operation room, ICU ward and other clean projects on the whole five floors of the new building was invited to participate in this ceremony to witness this historical moment together. At the same time, we congratulate the hardworking people of Huijian for the efforts of all officers and soldiers in Beijing. Provide a better medical environment and achieve better results!


Picture 1: Speech by the Chief of the Beijing Army (formerly Beijing Military Region) General Hospital


Picture 2: Representatives from the contractor and the hospital attended the meeting




Picture 3: The leaders of the hospital took a group photo with Huijian