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Huijian Group staff Shenzhen Bay Beach Park hiking activity

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2016/07/05 08:00
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"July's sky is full of bright colors, and the earth laughs and sings in July." Today is the party ’s birthday and the 19th year of the return of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the motherland. The Huijian people are ready to go. Everyone has a smile on their faces. With the blessing of the motherland, they started today ’s trek ...

The participants of Huijian were ready to meet at 17:30 in front of the company building and set off on foot towards Shenzhen Bay Bridge. The whole trip is about 8.5 kilometers, and the walking time is about two hours. Everyone enjoys the scenery along the way, taking pictures of each other. Wonderful pictures were printed one by one in our camera, mobile phone, and my mind ... Everyone passed by during the hike: Liuhua Mountain Park, Wanyou Valley, Sunrise Open-air Theater, Tide Park, Wedding Square and other theme parks. The flowers and birds were very pleasant during the day. The sun was bright on the day. Everyone clearly saw the sunset under the sunset. The sunset reflected the sea surface of Shenzhen Bay, which was particularly peaceful and peaceful. When the sea ebbs, you can see various flora and fauna on the wetlands on some beaches ...

    After about two and a half hours, all the young people who participated in arrived at our destination Shenzhen Bay Bridge. Under the bright moonlight, the Shenzhen Bay Bridge was particularly beautiful and moving. Everyone took a break to say goodbye to each other, and stepped on the moonlight to return to their warm homes ...


Picture 1: The company is ready to go downstairs


Picture 2: Stop and stop and enjoy


Picture 3: A corner of the wetland park



Picture 4: Coconut Forest Sea Breeze



Picture 5: One guy and three gangs




Picture 6: Vibrant Huijian people


Picture 7: Huijian Sisters Flower



Picture eight: Shenzhen Bay Bridge connects you and me