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Huijian Group employees Shenzhen Bay Waterfront Park hiking activities

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"The sky in July is full of glory, and the laughter in the land of July is a song." Today is the birthday of the party and the 19th year of the return of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the motherland. Huijian people are ready to go. Everyone’s face is full of smiles, with the blessing of the motherland, and begins today’s walking tour...
At the 17:30, Huijian people who are participating in the event will be ready to set off in front of the company building and walk in the direction of Shenzhen Bay Bridge. The whole journey is about 8.5 kilometers, and the length of the walk is about two hours. Everyone enjoys the scenery along the way and takes photos of each other. The wonderful pictures are printed on our cameras, in our mobile phones, in our minds... During the walk, we passed through several theme parks such as Liuhuashan Park, the Grace Valley, the Sunrise Amphitheatre, the Chaoshan Park and the Wedding Plaza. In the meantime, the flowers, birds and plants are very pleasant. On the same day, the sun is shining. Everyone clearly sees the sunset glow under the afterglow of the setting sun. The sunset glows under the sea of ​​Shenzhen Bay, which is particularly quiet and peaceful. When the seawater ebbs, some of the animals and plants on the wetland can be seen on some beaches...
    After about two and a half hours, all the participating guys arrived at our destination Shenzhen Bay Bridge. Under the bright moonlight, the Shenzhen Bay Bridge was particularly beautiful and moving. Everyone rested for a moment and went back to their warm homes on the moonlight...


  Picture 1: The company is ready to go downstairs


Picture 2: Stop your steps Stop and enjoy


Picture 3: The corner of the wetland park



Picture 4: Coconut Grove



Picture 5:  Three heroes




Picture sixvibrant with life and energy——HUIJIAN


Picture 7: Hui Jian sister flowers



Picture 8: The bridge of Shenzhen bay connects you and me