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No major illness in Shenzhen, no minor illness in the community

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2009/03/31 08:00
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   At present, more than 600 community health centers have been built in our city.

  "People will not need to leave Shenzhen for major illnesses and the community for minor illnesses in the future!" In the "two sessions live broadcast room", Zhou Boping, member of the CPPCC and director of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, outlined the blueprint for Shenzhen's medical system reform.

  Zhou Boping is most concerned about how we can solve the problem of "difficult and expensive" for the common people. "The government work report has clearly pointed out that citizens' medical protection will be greatly strengthened." He told reporters happily: During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the city plans to invest 20 billion yuan to build more than 20 medical institutions. Currently, Has invested in the construction of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, Shenzhen Centers for Disease Control and large-scale medical institutions in Binhai Hospital.

  "In the future, there will be at least one large municipal hospital in each district." Zhou Boping happily portrayed, "Our city has standardized the construction of more than 700 social and health centers, and more than 600 have been built. By then, ordinary people will not have to go to a large hospital to look for a large doctor Hospitals, "Severe illnesses cannot come out of Shenzhen, and minor illnesses cannot come out of the community." According to Zhou Boping, Shenzhen is undergoing a comprehensive medical system reform, including the reform of the drug distribution system and the medical security system. This will help solve the problem of ordinary people who are expensive to see a doctor. problem.

  In addition to strengthening the construction of medical facilities in Shenzhen, Zhou Boping also suggested actively introducing medical professionals. "Last year, we went to recruit large-scale medical schools overseas and in China to recruit doctors and nurses, but the results were worrying." According to Zhou Boping, Shenzhen's difficulty in bringing in first-class medical talent is mainly due to several "shortcomings." The first is that the preferential policies for talents are not yet perfect, and the policies for family placement and children's schooling of talents are not outstanding enough. In addition, the high housing prices in Shenzhen have also limited the introduction of medical personnel. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the development gap between many large cities in the Mainland and Shenzhen has gradually narrowed, which has also reduced the city's attractiveness for talents. Therefore, Zhou Boping called on the government to introduce more and more effective preferential policies to recruit medical talents.