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I can't get out of Shenzhen, I can't get out of the community.

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More than 600 social welfare centers have been built in the city.

"In the future, the people will not have to go out of Shenzhen, and they will not have to leave the community." In the "Two Conference Live Room", Zhou Boping, member of the CPPCC National Committee and director of the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, described the blueprint for the reform of the medical system in Shenzhen.

Zhou Boping is most concerned about how we should solve the problem of "difficult to see a doctor and expensive to see a doctor". "There is a clear direction in the government work report, and the medical security of the citizens will be greatly enhanced." He was pleased to inform the reporter: During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the city plans to invest 20 billion yuan to build more than 20 medical institutions. It has been invested in the construction of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, Shenzhen Disease Control Center and the large medical institutions of Binhai Hospital.

“In the future, there will be at least one large-scale municipal hospital in each district.” Zhou Boping happily described, “The city has standardized the construction of more than 700 social welfare centers, and more than 600 have been built. When the people go to see the doctor, they don’t have to go to the large-scale The hospital, to do 'big illness does not leave Shenzhen, a small illness does not leave the community'." According to Zhou Boping, Shenzhen is undergoing comprehensive medical system reform, including the drug circulation system and medical security system reform, which helps to solve the problem of expensive people. problem.

In addition to strengthening the construction of medical facilities in Shenzhen, Zhou Boping also recommended the active introduction of medical professionals. "Last year, we went to overseas and domestic large medical colleges to recruit doctors and nurses, but the results are worrying." In Zhou Boping's view, the reason why Shenzhen is difficult to introduce first-class medical talents is mainly due to several "short boards." First of all, the preferential policies for talents are still not perfect. The policies for the placement of family members and the schooling for children are not outstanding enough. In addition, Shenzhen's high housing prices also limit the introduction of medical talent. With the deepening of reform and opening up, the development gap between many large cities in the Mainland and Shenzhen has gradually narrowed, which has also reduced the city's attractiveness to talents. Therefore, Zhou Boping called on the government to introduce more and more effective preferential policies to recruit medical talents.