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Our company participated in the 17th National Hospital Construction Conference and China International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition

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2016/05/26 08:00
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2016 Nian 5 Yue 21 days, the largest and most influential annual gathering of Asian Hospital building - the 17th National Conference and the China International hospital construction hospital construction, equipment and management Exhibition ( CHCC ) in Hefei Lakeside International The grand opening of the exhibition center. A number of important leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, industry leaders in the field of hospital construction, experts and scholars, and terminal decision makers gathered to make suggestions and suggestions, focus on the industry's forefront, and lead innovation and development.

The theme of this conference is " Healthy China · Future Hospital" 2016 is the beginning of the " Thirteenth Five-Year Plan " and the beginning of the implementation of the " Healthy China " national strategy. Under the guidance of reform goals and requirements such as strengthening the grassroots level, supplementing shortcomings, and improving the quality of medical services , China's hospital development and construction will enter a new historical stage. In response to the needs of change and innovation, this conference has arranged more than 40 forums and salons around the development requirements of the future development of hospitals in terms of social development and medical and health system reform , and nearly 300 speakers, ranging from policy, management, design, and technology Multi-direction and multi-system applications and other participants share innovation and wisdom in the field of hospital construction for participants. This year's CHCC contemporaneous exhibitions continue to expand the scope of the exhibition , adding a number of highlights. Facing the needs of future hospitals , the exhibition content covers investment, planning, design, construction, operation, management, equipment configuration, upgrading and other medical construction fields , attracting more than 300 exhibitors from home and abroad .

Huijian participated in this event as a "leading brand for total solutions for hospital construction", as a key central enterprise and a joint-stock enterprise. The simple and honest Huijian people seriously studied and felt the theme of the conference. They received the Quartet guests with full enthusiasm and got The high appraisal from the hospital representatives and local partners further strengthened the company's leading position in the industry.

This exhibition has become the annual comprehensive  exhibition with the largest scale and professional level in the hospital construction industry in China . It is now the largest, highest level, and most professional in China and the Asia Pacific region. It not only builds the bridge between the government, the hospital, but also provides the best platform for mutual exchange and cooperation between professional medical cleansing system providers who provide high-quality engineering to the hospital.


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Picture 2: The opening ceremony of the conference

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