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Huijian Medical invites you to visit the 17th National Hospital Construction Conference and China International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition

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2016/05/17 08:00
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    The "National Hospital Construction Conference" is a comprehensive academic exchange event in the field of hospital construction co-organized by the "Chinese Hospital Construction and Equipment" magazine sponsored by the Hospital Management and Research Institute of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and related authorities. The content involves policies, management, construction, technology, equipment and other aspects. It has successfully held 16 sessions so far, with a cumulative professional attendance of more than 30,000. To improve the scientific knowledge and management level of hospital builders and managers in China, It has solved the difficult problems in the construction of the hospital and promoted the scientific application of new ideas, new technologies and new equipment. At present, the conference has developed into a comprehensive event with the largest scale, highest specifications, and strongest professionalism in China and even the Asia-Pacific region, integrating academic exchanges and professional exhibitions.

The Shenzhen Health Booth: K03
Show time: 21-23 May 2016 
Venue Address: Hefei, Anhui Province Lake District Luzhou Fairview Avenue and Avenue intersection, Lakeside International Convention and Exhibition Center