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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 3rd National Hospital Clean Equipment Engineering and Management Conference

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The China Medical Equipment Association Medical Clean Equipment Engineering Branch and the 3rd National Hospital Clean Equipment Engineering and Management Conference were held on April 16, 2016 in the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen. Experts and scholars from all over the country began to preach and discuss the entire conference on green and innovation.

Prof. Xu Zhonglin from the Institute of Building Environment and Energy Conservation of the China Academy of Building Research gave a professional opinion on “Green Innovation in the Construction of Clean Surgery Department” and “Decontamination and Energy Conservation in Green Buildings and Green Hospitals”; Liu of China Hospital Equipment Association Clean Branch The president brought you the latest interpretation and experience of the international standard of the clean surgical department; the newly built ward of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou Congress is believed to be the largest surgical department in China, with 66 operating rooms for various purposes, as a basic infrastructure project. The responsible person, Li Yuhong, who has been engaged in hospital infrastructure management for 27 years, brings a wonderful experience analysis.

As the leading enterprise in the industry of clean technology engineering company, our company brought the latest topic “Digital operating room one-stop solution” to the conference, which was recognized and praised by experts in the industry. The entire meeting was a two-day trip, the venue was full and the venue was wonderful. Among them, the expert dialogue and Q&A on the 17th and the field visit of the participants to the clean operating room project of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital pushed the conference to a climax. Peking University Shenzhen Hospital is a comprehensive top three hospital. The new surgical building, which was put into use in 2015, is a comprehensive building integrating operating room, ICU, medical gas and hospitalization. Three layers of clean operation, ICU ward, medical gas engineering, and intelligent call system were all built by our company. The project was approved by the hospital and the supervision company with high-quality turnkey projects under the requirements of short time, heavy tasks and high quality.

The National Hospital Equipment Cleansing Branch provides the platform for the latest technology and information exchange: the guests on the stage have their own magic and excitement; the delegates under the stage interact in real time. The conference ended in a warm atmosphere and I look forward to meeting again next year...


Picture 1: Professor Xu’s wonderful presentation


Picture 2: Guo Yingdong, the executive of our company, gave a lecture on the integration of digital operating room and purification engineering.



Picture 3: Our company is rated as “National Top Ten Purification Engineering Technology Company”, and the experts presented the award.


Picture 4: The delegates exchanged cordially


Picture 5: Participants on behalf of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital site visit