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Warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 3rd National Hospital Clean Equipment Engineering and Management Conference

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2016/04/20 08:00
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China Association of Medical Equipment Engineering Branch of medical equipment clean and the Third National Hospital clean equipment Engineering and Management Conference in 2016 in 4 Yue 16 Shenzhen held as scheduled in the beautiful coastal city. Experts and scholars from all over the country gave presentations and discussions around the entire conference on green plus innovation.

Prof. Xu Zhonglin, Institute of Building Environment and Energy Conservation, Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, gave professional opinions on vigorously advocating "green innovation in clean surgery department construction" and "clean pollution and energy saving in green buildings and green hospitals"; Liu of the Clean Branch of China Hospital Equipment Association The chairman brought you the latest interpretation and experience of the international standards of the clean surgery department; the new ward of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou Convention has so far trusted the largest surgery department in China, with 66 operating rooms for various purposes , as a finishing infrastructure project The person in charge, Master Li Yuhong , who has 27 years of experience in hospital infrastructure management , brings wonderful experience analysis.

As a leading company in the industry of clean technology engineering company, our company brought the latest topic "One-Stop Solution for Digital Operating Room" to the conference, and was recognized and praised by experts in the industry. The two-day itinerary of the conference was full and the scenes were exciting. On the 17th , the expert dialogue and Q & A, and the participants' field visit to the clean operating room project of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital pushed the conference to a climax. Peking University Shenzhen Hospital is a comprehensive third-class hospital. The new surgical building that was put into use in 2015 is a comprehensive building integrating operating rooms, ICU , medical gas and hospitalization. Of which 3 layer whole floor clean surgery, the ICU ward, medical gas, intelligent call system by the Division I construction. Under the requirements of short time, heavy task and high quality, the project has been recognized by the hospital and the supervision company with high-quality turnkey projects.

The National Hospital Equipment and Cleanliness Branch provides a platform for the latest technology and information exchange: the guests on the stage showed great powers and brilliant; the representatives from the audience interacted in real time. The conference ended successfully in a warm atmosphere, and we look forward to meeting again next year ...


Picture 1: Professor Xu's wonderful presentation


Picture 2: Our senior executive Guo Yingdong gave a lecture on "Integration of Digital Operating Room and Purification Engineering"



Picture 3: Our company was rated as "National Top Ten Purification Engineering Technology Company", and the experts presented awards


Picture 4: Friendly exchanges between participants


Picture 5: On-site visit of Shenzhen Hospital of Peking University