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Our company selected the top ten purification engineering technology companies in the country

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2016/04/19 08:00
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    On April 16, 2016, the "Medicine Clean Equipment Engineering Branch Annual Meeting and National Hospital Clean Equipment Engineering and Management Conference" meeting was held as scheduled in Shenzhen, Guangdong. On the morning of April 17, Guo Yingdong, our vice president of marketing, conducted a "digital compound operating room" One-stop solution ".
    In order to set benchmarks, recognize excellence, and strengthen industry norms. The Association decided to organize industry experts to conduct extensive evaluations of enterprises and selected:
1. The top ten national purification engineering technology companies
2. The top ten national hospital clean equipment and material suppliers

Shenzhen Huijian Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. in the top ten national purification engineering technology The company's expert ranking is among the best!
Picture 1: Awards scene 
Picture 2: The plaque of the top ten national purification engineering technology companies
Picture 3: National Top Ten Clean Engineering Technology Certificates