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China's most beautiful coastline

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It is also the season of spring blossoms. It is full of vitality and vitality. The people of Huijian are welcoming the most beautiful coastal things in China.

At 8:00 on April 9th, the Huijian people who participated in the event were full of energy and set off to the sea with a happy mood. Shenzhen Xichong Beach is the largest beach in Shenzhen. It is known as “one of the eight most beautiful beaches in the country”. It is the original fishing village. The sandy beach is soft and white, and there are no sandy beaches, quiet nights, starry sky and moonlit sea. Such a beautiful scene makes people forget their troubles and integrates into the ignorant seascape of the sea and sky...

The whole journey is about 12 kilometers, that is, there are beautiful coastlines, and there are a small number of mountain roads. The scenery of the sea and the sky is excellent. The high and low mountain roads along the way, some weaker colleagues are faltering, everyone helps each other, and they all stretch out. Warm arms, just like this, two hours, three hours... five hours, until all the players meet on the beach, blowing the sea breeze, drinking the cool coconut water, all the exhaustion is gone....

The event not only enriched the employees' spare time, improved the physical fitness of the employees, created a healthy and up-to-date corporate culture, stimulated the youthful vitality of employees, and increased the friendship between colleagues. It also reflected that Huijian people did not give up, not abandon, forever. Persevere in faith.

When the night came, everyone returned to their warm home with a pleasant and exhausted mood...

Picture 1: Huijian people have no limits, challenge every day


Picture 2: The mountain road is rugged and mutual assistance


Picture 3: Unbeatable sea view


Picture 4: Jungle shuttle


Picture five: Jungle shuttle


Picture six: yes, to the end


Picture seven: a little red in the green cluster


Picture eight: walk towards the goal


Picture nine: facing the sea, spring blossoms


Picture 10: Vibrant Huijian people