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East-West Rush Walking Tour of China's Most Beautiful Coastline

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2016/04/12 08:00
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It is the spring season again, full of vitality and vitality. Huijian people embark on the breath of spring to usher in the most beautiful coast of China.

At 8 o'clock on April 9th, all the people in Huijian who participated in the activity were full of spirits and set off to the seaside with joy. Shenzhen Xichong Beach is the largest beach in Shenzhen. It is known as "one of the eight best beaches in the country". It is a pristine fishing village with sandy, soft and white uninhabited beaches, quiet nights, starry sky, and moonlight on the sea. Such a beauty makes people forget their worries, and merges into the seascape of ignorance ...

The whole journey is about 12 kilometers, that is, it has a beautiful coastline and a small amount of mountain roads. The scenery of the sea and the sky is excellent. The mountain roads along the way are high and low. Some weak colleagues are faltering, everyone helps each other and stretches out. Warm arms, just like that, two hours, three hours ... five hours, until all the team members converged on the beach, blowing the sea breeze, drinking cool coconut water, all the exhaustion disappeared ...

This activity not only enriched the company employees' amateur life, improved their physical fitness, created a healthy and up-to-date corporate culture atmosphere, stimulated their youth and vitality, increased the friendship between colleagues, but also demonstrated that Huijian people do not give up, do not abandon, Persist faith.

As night came, everyone returned to their warm homes with joy and exhaustion ...

Picture 1: Huijian people are exciting and unlimited, challenging every day


Picture 2: Mountain roads are rugged and assist each other


Picture 3: Invincible Ocean View


Picture 4: Jungle Shuttle


Picture 5: Jungle Shuttle


Picture 6: yesh, it's the end


Picture 7: A little red in the greenery


Picture eight: Walking towards the goal


Picture 9: Facing the sea, spring blossoms


Picture ten: Vibrant Huijian people