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Huizhi Jianxing 2016 New Starting Point New Journey

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    Silver sheep sent to peace, the golden monkey ushered in happiness spring. In February 2016, Huijian Group employees gathered at the Polaroid Hotel in the Group to hold the 2015 New Year Annual Meeting and Commendation Conference. We gathered here to share the joy of the festival.
    Looking back on the past year, Huijian people are very proud. In 2015, Huijian people moved into the Grade A office building purchased by themselves. The new office environment and the new working atmosphere made Huijian people feel good and take off again. Businesses all over the country are blooming everywhere. Huijian people use their heart to do every project to inject momentum into the company's sustainable development. As the sole designated distributor of Siemens compound operating room, we are in South China, West China, North China Medical Cleaning System and Compound Operating Room. Construction is fully developed. Huijian people worked together to actively explore the market, improve marketing strategies, consolidate customer resources, increase market share, and achieved good results.
    2016, a new starting point, a new journey, Huijian people will be the city to use their actions to light up their dreams and look forward to the future. Huijian people are full of passion. In the new year, with the help of the country's favorable policies, we will continue to expand our business areas, upgrade our business model, expand our market share, and achieve stable and rapid development of our enterprises. We will adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy. Closely rely on the team, the internal strategy of strengthening the quality of the skills and stabilizing the team to promote development; let us join hands and work together to achieve the goal of healthy and steady development of enterprise development, employee benefits and social benefits.
    Today, on this happy and peaceful day, we got together and looked back yesterday, thinking about the future and commending and awarding outstanding teams and individuals, outstanding new employees and outstanding managers in 2015. After the award ceremony, the 2015 New Year's party with the theme of “New Starting Point, New Journey” was officially opened. In the case of busy work at the end of the year, employees of all departments used their spare time to present their own self-edited, self-directed and self-directed The fascinating and literary programs of the platoons and self-acting: the essays of the after-sales department, "The Stupid Applicant", the dynamic dance of the Ministry of Administration, the Ministry of Finance, "The Hyun Dance Times", "Social Shake", or the solo dance "Hongyan" of the Ministry of Technology, the budget of the usual speech The creative T-stage show of the mini-parts tailoring, designing and performing their own will bring the party to a climax...
    The party ended in the unanimous singing of "Tomorrow will be better." In Huijian, we are a family, we love each other, and we are in the same boat. I wish that Huijian’s tomorrow will be even better!

Picture 1: Opening of the party


Picture 2: Some outstanding representatives took a group photo




Picture three: Executive poetry reading



Picture 4: Cool and dazzling dance



Picture 5: Wonderful show





Picture 6: Creative T-stage show



Picture 7: "My Most Swing" by Hui Jian Xiao Mengwa



Picture 8: Exciting lottery scene


Picture 9: Huijian family photo