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Welcome to the seventh member (representative) conference of Shenzhen Investment Business

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2016/01/13 08:00
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2016 Nian 1 Yue 12 days, Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House decorated, celebrate all the guests together to celebrate the seventh Shenzhen Investment Chamber of Commerce (on behalf of) Chamber of Commerce Conference and the tenth anniversary celebration, our company as vice president of the Third Council The unit was invited to participate in this grand event.

At the celebration party, leaders from all walks of life, leaders of chambers of commerce, and representatives of member units all gave congratulatory messages, affirming the achievements of the chamber of commerce in recent years. Recalling that in 2015 , the Chamber of Commerce not only won Shenzhen's " 5A -level social organization", it has achieved good results in serving the national strategy of the "Belt and Road" and cooperating with the municipal party committee and government to build the bridgehead of the Maritime Silk Road.

In the next ten years, the chamber of commerce will usher in a period of rapid development. As the vice president of the association, our company has contributed to the development of Shenzhen's economy and has a high influence in the industry. Together, it will lead the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce to the front , Create a new chapter in venture capital promotion!



Picture 1: The party scene



Picture 2: The scene of the seventh member (representative) conference



Picture 3: Investors' Chamber of Commerce 2015 Summary



Picture 4: General Manager Zhang of our company attends the meeting



Picture 5: Group photo of guests at home and abroad




Picture 6: Group photo of outstanding representatives