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Hezheng Star Journey ---Finant Medical Siemens National Distributor Conference in FY2016

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The sunshine of the golden autumn is warm and quiet, and the breeze and gentleness of the golden autumn are gentle. In late autumn, Shanghai ushered in the 2016 fiscal year Siemens Medical National Distributor Conference.

  At the Siemens National Distributors Conference held in Shanghai, more than 100 dealers from all over the country gathered to pay attention to the needs of the Chinese medical market in the context of the 12th Five-Year Plan and the new medical reform. Siemens Medical also establishes closer cooperation with dealers around the world, and the channel products are more diversified. Through more sales channels, it helps dealers to improve efficiency more effectively.

  As a distributor of Siemens products in Guangdong Province, we are working with Siemens to develop the “power of cooperation” and continue to break through in the “new journey” in the future, contributing to the improvement of China's medical level.


Picture 1: The scene of the party