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The new medical reform will strictly control the construction standards and loan behavior of public hospitals

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The "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System" was released on the afternoon of April 6. The "Opinions" proposed to establish a government-led multi-health investment mechanism.

Clarify government, social and personal health commitments

Establish a dominant position in the provision of public health and basic medical services. Public health services are mainly provided through government financing to equalize urban and rural residents. The basic medical services are reasonably shared by the government, the society and the individual. Special needs medical services are paid directly by individuals or through commercial health insurance.

Establish and improve the government's health investment mechanism

The central government and local governments must increase their investment in health, taking into account both the supply side and the demand side. Gradually increase the proportion of government health investment to total health expenditure, and effectively reduce the burden of basic medical and health expenses for residents; the growth rate of government health investment is higher than the growth rate of regular fiscal expenditure, and the proportion of government health investment to regular fiscal expenditure Gradually improve. New government health spending is focused on supporting public health, rural health, urban community health and basic health care.

Rationally divide the responsibility of government input at the central and local levels according to the principle of grading burden

The local government bears the main responsibility. The central government mainly subsidizes the national immunization plan, public health such as prevention and control of major infectious diseases across regions, basic medical security for urban and rural residents, and construction of public medical and health institutions. Increase the transfer of special transfers from the central and provincial governments to difficult areas.

Improve the government's investment mechanism for public health

The personnel funds, development and construction and operational expenses of professional public health service institutions shall be arranged by the government in full, and the service income obtained in accordance with the regulations shall be turned over to the financial account or included in the budget management. Gradually increase the per capita public health funds and improve the funding mechanism for public health services.


Improve the government's investment mechanism for urban and rural primary health care institutions

The government is responsible for the normal operation of the township hospitals and urban community health service centers (stations) approved by the state according to the national regulations, such as capital construction funds, equipment purchase funds, personnel funds and their public health services. For all township health centers and urban community health service institutions, including social forces, all localities can purchase government subsidies by purchasing services. Support the construction of village clinics, and provide reasonable subsidies for tasks such as public health services undertaken by rural doctors.

Implementing the government subsidy policy for public hospitals

Gradually increase government input, mainly for capital construction and equipment purchase, support the development of key disciplines, retirees' expenses and subsidy policy losses in line with state regulations, and give special subsidies to tasks such as public health services undertaken, forming a standardized and reasonable Public hospital government investment mechanism. The investment policies of Chinese medicine hospitals (national hospitals), infectious diseases hospitals, mental hospitals, occupational disease prevention hospitals, maternity hospitals and children's hospitals are tilted. Strictly control the scale, standards and loan behavior of public hospitals.

Improve the government's investment mechanism for basic medical security

The government provides the necessary funds to support the establishment and improvement of new rural cooperative medical care, basic medical insurance for urban residents, basic medical insurance for urban workers, and urban and rural medical assistance systems. Ensure the normal funding of the relevant agencies.