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Our company invites Mr. Cai, the founder of China Mind Map Fish Management, to give a lecture

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2015/10/27 08:00
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  In October, autumn, to effectively improve employees' thinking skills, enhance memory, organization and creativity, promote efficient work of the staff, 10 Yue 24- Day, I invite thinking Cube Sterling / mapping Rubik's Cube inventor, national registration Senior consultant Mr. Cai trains all employees on "Mind Map Application Rubik's Cube" training.

 The training content is mainly carried out from three aspects: the background of the development of mind maps; the principles and methods of applying mind maps; practical training in the application of mind maps. Mr. Cai Jinsong has rich experience. He explained the development background, meaning, practical skills, principles, etc. of the concept of drawing mind maps step by step. In the practical training module, Huijian people were divided into six groups. Under the leadership of General Manager Zhang, everyone was enthusiastic, and various innovative ideas rushed forward. Not only did they successfully complete the training goals, but their works were creative and won the height of Teacher Cai Appreciate.

 This Tuwei map training is a new form of professional improvement for all employees of the Huijian Group. The learned thinking skills will be used in actual work to create new value for the company!


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