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We sincerely invite Mr. Cai, the founder of China Mind Mapping Fish Management, to give lectures.

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 In the autumn of October, the autumn is high and refreshing. In order to effectively improve the thinking skills of employees, enhance memory, organization and creativity, and promote the efficient work of employees, on October 24th, we invited the inventor of the Rubik's Cube/Guiding Rubik's Cube, the national registration. Mr. Cai, a senior consultant, trained all employees on the "Dangering Square of Mind Mapping".
 The training content is mainly carried out from three aspects: the development background of mind map; the application principle method of mind map; the practical application of mind map application. Mr. Cai Jinsong is experienced and he has been able to explain the development background, meaning, and practical skills and principles of the concept of painting mind mapping. In the actual training module, Huijian people are divided into six groups. Everyone is enthusiastic and enthusiastic under the leadership of General Zhang. All kinds of innovative thinking are competing, not only successfully completing the training objectives, but also the creativity of the works, winning the height of Teacher Cai. Appreciate.
 This Tuwei map training is a new form of the professional ability of all employees of Huijian Group. It will apply the thinking ability learned to the actual work and create new value for the company!


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