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Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the “Qiao Qiang Reception” of Huijian Group

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On May 18th, 2015, on this special day, we solemnly welcomed the Huijian Group's housewarming reception. On this happy day, the company welcomes friends from all walks of life and elites from all walks of life to celebrate the reunion of Huijian Group. It is especially precious and worthy of history!

With the development of the company, the company is growing stronger and the company is about to enter the new office building. The area is bigger and the environment is better. We are advancing with the times. We firmly believe that the future of Huijian Group will be even better! This move also indicates that our Huijian Group has opened a new page today, presenting a beautiful chapter! It is true that the achievement of today's achievements is the result of the diligence and wisdom of all the staff of Huijian Group. It is even more inseparable from the leaders of all levels and friends from all walks of life who have long been enthusiastic and supportive!

Long road to entrepreneurship, long years of love. Twenty years of hard work and wind, 20 years of spring and autumn, condensed the countless efforts and sweat of Huijian people, Huijian people grow up in tempering, and work hard in adversity. Twenty years of playing a finger, looking back, we feel a lot of feelings; based on the present, we are full of passion.

The speech of Ms. Zhang Huizhen, President of the Group, takes us together to remember the glorious years that have passed. The development of Huijian Group is hard work every step of the way. No matter how brilliant we are today or tomorrow, we should not forget our hardships yesterday. . Hui Jian wrote the brilliant history of Hui Jian with his hard-working pride. The company's office space has been growing with several sites, from the initial 100m2 to 500 m2, to 1000 m2, to our own 1800 m2 domestic first-class Shenzhen Bay Ecological Science and Technology Park office environment, the hardship and hardship of entrepreneurship We dare not forget; happy and beautiful new world, waiting for us to open up; we sing and laugh all the way, all the way through the thorns; happy life is boundless, tomorrow is more beautiful!


Photo 1: Our Vice President Guo Yingdong presided over the opening of the reception




Photo 2: Speech by Ms. Zhang Huizhen, General Manager




Picture 3: Guest to the scene




 Picture 4: Guests are present to visit the new site



 Picture 5: guests cut the ribbon


Picture 6: violin show