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Warm congratulations on our company's achievement in the 4th Shenzhen Top 100 Independent Innovation Awards

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2015/04/24 22:44
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     The 4th Shenzhen Top 100 Independent and Innovative SMEs and Shenzhen Top Ten SMEs Award Ceremony was grandly held on April 23, 2015 at Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel!

     The theme of this event is "City of Innovation and Dreams". More than a thousand participating companies, the conference was chaired by Sun Li, executive chairman and secretary general of the Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprise Development Promotion Association. The mayor Xu Qin was busy and attended the awards ceremony and delivered a speech. The mayor hopes that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in the city will use Shenzhen quality and Shenzhen standards as a benchmark, and use actual actions to improve quality, create brands, establish credibility, expand the market, continuously improve the ability of self-organized institutions to report, and strengthen the endogenous power and core of the enterprise. Competitiveness; strive to be the forerunner of industrial transformation and upgrading, actively implement the Made in China 2025 , Internet + and other action plans, seize opportunities, and promote transformation and development and cross-border integration with greater efforts. The mayor's speech encouraged and encouraged the SMEs.

    Our company has stood out in many enterprises by virtue of a number of innovative technologies, and was selected as one of the "Top 100 Independent Innovations". This award shows that the company's innovation ability and innovation achievements have been widely recognized and affirmed by the industry, further improving the company's Popularity and reputation, the company will take this as an opportunity to create a better environment for innovation and continue to lead the development of the medical and health industry!


   Picture 1: Speech by City Leader



Picture 2: Awards scene



Picture three: City leaders issue certificates to our representatives



 Picture 4: Group photo of representatives of top 100 enterprises and city leaders