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Innovation and Breakthrough ---- Huijian 2014 New Year Annual Conference and Commendation Conference

Group Dynamics
2015/02/26 22:52
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 The horses galloped, the drums were loud, and Sanyang Kaitai welcomed the Chinese New Year. In February 2015, the employees of Huijian Group gathered in the Group's Baoli Hotel to hold the 2014 New Year's Annual Conference and Commendation Conference. We are here to celebrate the peace of the spring and share the joy of the festival.
    Looking back over the past year, Huijian people are very proud. Huijian's business across the country is flourishing. Huijian's efforts to do each project have injected momentum into the company's sustainable development. As the only designated distributor for the Siemens compound operating room in the country, we have medical cleaning systems in South China, West China, and North China. Construction of compound operating room was fully developed. Huijian people work together to actively explore the market, improve marketing strategies, consolidate customer resources, increase market share and achieve good results. .
    In 2015, challenges and opportunities coexisted with breakthroughs and innovations. Huijian's people are committed to brighten their dreams with action. Looking to the future, Huijian's people are full of passion. In the new year, with the help of the state's favorable policies, we will continue to explore the business field, upgrade the business model, expand the market share, and realize the stable and rapid development of the company. Relying on the team, internally raising the skills and quality of the company, stabilizing the team to promote the development of corporate governance strategies; let us join hands and work together to achieve the goal of healthy and stable development of corporate development, employee benefits, social benefits unified.
    Along the way, Huijian people have worked hard. To this end, we got together, looking back at yesterday, thinking about the future and commending and awarding outstanding teams and individuals in 2014. After the awards ceremony, the 2014 New Year's Gala with the theme of "Breakthrough and Innovation" was officially opened. Various departments presented literary programs edited, directed, arranged, and performed by employees: magic performances in the after-sales department, and the dynamics of the administrative department. The dance show "Little Apple", "Chick, Chick", or the festival of the design department's Quyilian "rolls and strains", the usual savvy engineering department young handsome guys will perform the fashion show ... the
    party will be in the "blind date" "The Family in Love" ended in unison. At Huijian, we are a family. I hope Huijian will be better tomorrow!

Picture 1: Group photo of outstanding team representatives




Picture 2: Poetry recitation by the bidding department



 Picture 3: Design Department Dance Performance



Picture 4: A wonderful magic show in the aftermarket




Picture 5: The lively "Chicks and Chicks" dance performance