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Shaoguan Danxia Mountain Baizhang Cliff Drift Tour

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 The flaming August, bringing together the colors of fire; in this youthful, passionate August. Huijian people opened the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the Danxia Mountain and Baizhang Cliff rafting trip in August.

    In order to enrich the employees' spare time, improve the physical quality of employees, create a healthy and up-to-date corporate culture, improve the enthusiasm of employees, stimulate the youthful vitality of employees, increase the friendship between colleagues, and enhance the cohesiveness of enterprises. The company specially organized a two-day tour of the Nanhua Temple, the Baizhang Cliff drifting in the Xiashan Mountains.

   Danxiashan World Geopark is located in the northeastern suburb of Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a national key scenic spot and a national geological and geomorphic nature reserve. It is known as China Red Rock Park and is the first of the four famous mountains in Guangdong Province. The scenic spot has the unique attractions of the world, such as Yang Yuanshi, Yinyuan Stone, Shuangruishi, Sleeping Beauty, etc., which makes Danxia Mountain known as the “Natural Sex Culture Museum”. Under the guidance of the tour guide, the group not only learned about the landscape and history of Danxia, but also witnessed the Danxia Mountain, which consists of red gluten, which is flat, steep and gentle. It is the region with the most complete types, the most unique shapes, the most beautiful scenery and the most typical geological features in the 1,200 Danxia landforms around the world, so it is also called the “open-air geological museum”. We not only appreciate the beauty of nature, but also add more geological knowledge.

   The midday sun is like a fire, and we drove to Dabaoshan, where the trees are towering and the plants are flourishing. Everyone wears good equipment, and the two groups start a thrilling rafting adventure. In the course of more than one hour of rafting, enjoy nature, regain childlike enjoyment, and enjoy the water show in the virgin forest, the beauty of the forest, the beauty of flowers. , Shi Zhiqi, the waterfall of the strong, the bird's voice...

   The two-day event is full of colorful and full of laughter and laughter. Embracing nature and letting go of the mood, Huijian people feel the charm of nature in their spare time, and also help the company better tomorrow.


Picture 1: Huijian Renda photo


Picture 2: A scene of Danxia landform



Picture three: Embrace nature - panoramic view of the Elder Peak


Picture 4: First-line scenery



Picture five: thrilling drifting


Picture five: We win to the end