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Congratulations to the first four member conferences and clean technology summit of Guangdong Clean Association

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2014/10/27 02:33
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The golden autumn in October has been fruitful. The first four branch conference and clean technology summit of the Guangdong Cleanliness Association was grandly held on October 11, 2014 at Kaijing Hotel, Dongguan, Guangdong.
    Member units from all over the province gathered together to participate in the event. As one of the governing units, our company was invited to participate in the meeting. The Chairman of the Association, Comrade Yu Xiaobiao, delivered a speech and summarized the work in 2014 and arranged the work plans for 2015. At the Clean Technology Summit Forum, experts and scholars from various places exchanged and discussed with each other on the development of the clean industry and the promotion of new technologies.
    The Clean Association has carefully organized and closely arranged this meeting to learn, innovate, exchange and cooperate, promote and promote the whole. It serves the member units in a comprehensive three-dimensional manner, and has received unanimous praise from the majority of member units. It has also gathered industry forces and promoted clean technology. Career development and healthy and orderly development and dedicated dedication to the greatest strength.

Picture 1: Conference scene



Picture 2: Scene of the Summit Forum


Picture 3: Our senior engineer and Professor Xu take a group photo