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Warm congratulations to the successful conclusion of the 2014 Siemens Composite Operating Room Summit

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2014/07/30 23:11
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In this sunny summer season, in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, the 2014 Siemens Composite Operating Room Summit Forum will be grandly opened here.

Innovation is the soul of Siemens. As a global leader in innovative technology for composite operating rooms, Siemens is continuously committed to improving product performance and applicability, and promoting the development of "composite operating rooms" through technological innovation, and has accumulated rich design, installation and practical experience .

This summit forum gathered well-known experts in the heart, periphery, neurovascular and other fields at home and abroad, as well as industry professionals who are interested in the construction of composite operating rooms, and they all exchanged ideas on new technologies and applications of composite surgery. Provide a safer and more efficient overall solution.

Shenzhen Huijian Medical Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of our group, is the sole partner of Siemens Hybrid ( composite ) operating room in China as the organizer. Seeing this event, our company focuses on the construction of digital compound operating room during the construction process. Experience sharing.

 The flowers of Yantai Mountain in July are luxuriant and refreshing; the sea and mountains are bright and beautiful. Excellent experts, professors and professors from all over the country are gathered here. In this academic and technological feast, enjoy the outstanding innovation results and unlimited happiness of communication together!


Picture 1: Conference scene


Picture 2: Wonderful speech by foreign experts


Picture 3: Our quality construction project-Shanghai Kehui Project