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Shenzhen Huaqiao City Tour

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2014/06/30 23:16
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OCT East is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen, China, covering an area of ​​nearly 9 square kilometers. It mainly includes the Grand Canyon Valley Ecological Park, Chaxi Valley Leisure Park, Yunhai Valley Sports Park, Dahuaxing Temple, themed hotel community, and Tianlu Mansion. The plate is known as a pearl on the shore of Shenzhen Bay. Overlooking the golden coastline of eastern Shenzhen, Grand Canyon Park integrates mountain cross parks and urban theme parks. It embodies an ecological and dynamic tourism culture, and realizes a modern theme park that integrates natural landscapes, ecological concepts and entertainment experiences, science education and innovation.

 The Huijian Group has always paid attention to the amateur cultural life of employees, taking tourism as a basic welfare of employees, and group employees go out for group outings every year. Let everyone enjoy the joy and joy of traveling while traveling healthily, alleviate the usual work pressure, strengthen the communication and collaboration between departments, and also stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, so as to better enhance The cohesion of the company fully demonstrated the team spirit of Huijian Company, allowing everyone to devote themselves to future work with fuller enthusiasm.

 A good time is always short, enjoy life in travel, and experience the joy of travel in life. Everyone ended the day in a cheerful atmosphere ...


Picture 1: Grand Canyon waterfall photo



Picture 2: Scenic scenery



Picture 3: Happy Little Sisters


 Picture four: A corner of the scenic spot


Picture five: A corner of the scenic spot