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Our company was invited to inspect the medical health care project in Guizhou Lu'an Economic Development Zone.

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    On April 17, 2015, Zhang Dongming, the general manager of our division, and Zhang, the director of the People's Government of Bijie City in Shenzhen, visited the Gansu Economic Development Zone to inspect the medical and health care project, which was warmly welcomed by the local authorities. Relevant leaders and department heads of the Development Zone Management Committee were accompanied on the spot.
  The two sides then held a project symposium. At the meeting, the development zone representative described several major advantages of investing in Pan'an, which are mainly divided into the following three aspects: First, the location advantage is obvious, and the development potential is huge. In the overall situation of the county committee and county government “four high, one iron and one port” Under the plan, actively explore development channels and gradually improve the integration of urban systems; second, the policy advantages are obvious. Under the premise of “carrying big business and attracting large capital”, we will do a good job in key enterprises and major projects; third, the medical and health industry. The potential is huge. The planned population of the development zone is hundreds of thousands. The large-scale medical and health care service institutions are still lacking, and the project construction is imminent.
   Based on the actual situation of the locality and the principle of “developing Pan'an and reciprocal win-win”, our representative elaborated on the company's own advantages and project investment plan, which was highly praised by the leaders of the development zone.

  After the meeting, the two parties successfully signed the investment framework agreement for the medical health pension project of Chun'an Economic Development Zone, and successfully completed the purpose of the inspection. Our company will continue to lead the development of medical health industry!


Picture 1: Both parties negotiate the meeting site




Picture 2: The signing ceremony of the two parties




Picture 3: Signing the contract