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Warmly welcome "Shenzhen Investment Chamber of Commerce leaders to visit the company and issue plaques

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2014/06/20 23:20
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On June 16, 2014 , President Liu of Shenzhen Investment Chamber of Commerce and his party came to our company to visit and guide the work and issued a plaque. On May 22, 2014 , our company officially became the executive director of the chamber of commerce.

Shenzhen Investment Chamber of Commerce was established in April 2005. It is a professional, comprehensive and functional non-profit social organization with independent legal person status. It is one of the first batch of business associations established in the context of Shenzhen's implementation of civil society reform. One. At present, there are more than 1,100 members with high-tech, financial investment and strategic emerging industries as the core. The total assets of member companies amount to 500 billion yuan and the investment capacity is more than 200 billion yuan.

The Chamber of Investors has always adhered to the development direction of " based on Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, facing the world and overseas" advocated by Mr. Li Jiacheng, the Honorary President of the Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Changjiang Industrial Group ; the purpose of the conference is "to promote investment and build a century-old chamber of commerce" Bring into play the role of "assistant in urban investment promotion, bridge for going global strategy, and helper for investment and financing of enterprises", and not only establish close cooperative relations with regional governments and investment and financing institutions in the country, but also establish investment institutions with multiple countries The strategic partnership established the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Investment Alliance and Smart City Investment Alliance. The Investors Association solves the problems for member companies and "going global" companies, provides "nanny-style" follow-up services, actively assists the enterprise market development, and innovatively launches a "joint investment, group development" service model, which has generated widespread Good influence.



Picture 1: President Liu (left) presents a plaque