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Enter Huawei and feel the charm of technology

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2014/05/06 23:21
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Details determine success or failure. In today's ever-changing information world, ignoring any small details can lead to large losses. As one of the representatives of the Chinese national brand, Huawei is well-known for its detailed management.

  On April 29 , a team led by the chairman of Huijian Group, the company's executives, department managers, and sales team visited the Huawei base in Bantian, Shenzhen to visit the "Huawei Company Business Reception Project."

 The first stop is the R & D center building: the lobby screen at the entrance of the building can be seen from far away, and the words "Welcome the leaders of Shenzhen Huijian Company" are displayed on the screen. Every little detail is perfect. Everywhere reflects the success of Huawei. The R & D center showcases Huawei's latest technology equipment, and the lecturer familiarly introduces the functions and advantages of each device. The second stop is the production center exhibition hall: introducing various new products, useful network cable overflow energy-efficient lighting technology, video monitoring equipment, automatic license plate recognition system, cloud computing technology without the need for a host, container base station construction solutions, visual ATM , high-definition panorama Teleconferencing systems and other high-tech products that Huawei is making. Huawei is very good at displaying various processes and operating modes in the form of animation, which makes people clear at a glance. The high-definition panoramic remote conference system has realized the charm brought by technology.

 As one of China's most successful private enterprises, Huawei has successfully ranked among the world-renowned companies. The factors of Huawei's success are summarized, including the opportunities given by the information age, the correct strategic choices, and the success of independent innovation. In addition, there is the most important one, which impresses the Chinese people the most. It is also other successful Chinese companies such as Lenovo and Haier. Commonly owned genes - very strong corporate culture. The small reception can reflect Huawei's strong sense of belonging. Everything is carried out in an orderly manner. Each link is seamless and everything is so perfect. Details determine success or failure, Huawei's unified standards can be felt from the uniform standing, dress, and makeup details of the reception staff at the front desk.

 Huawei people know that resources will be exhausted, and only culture can survive. Culture is something that everyone can feel and everyone can't understand. Unity, cooperation and collective struggle are the soul of Huawei's corporate culture. Success is the result of collective effort, failure is a collective responsibility, and achievements are not attributed to individuals, nor is failure to be regarded as a personal responsibility; all are the same, except for differences in work . Huawei people are equal in work and life. The inequality is reflected in the form of wages. Self-improvement, glory and disgrace, win together to celebrate, defeat defeat the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

 As a high-tech company with a history of more than ten years, the Huijian Group has made a lot of gains through this visit. We have seen many emerging high-tech products, felt the great changes brought by high-tech to our lives, and deeply felt The infinite energy contained in technology. Huawei's success will help each growing and developing company to continue to innovate, learn and learn from it, and form a set of corporate culture with its own characteristics.


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